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Random Head Morphs for female NPCs.


Thanks to TheSkyMoves for locating the Brow/Stubble Fix! http://social.bioware.com/project/3046/


I've talked to Pineappletree regarding the Brow/Stubble Colors mod I thought she created. Basically, turns out she knew nothing of this and just says to use her latest Vibrant Colors package. I even included replacement Mors for the morphs suffering from Neon-White hair.


Check the Required Files tab for the list of mods you need


Added Mors for Dagna, Zerlinda, Rica, Corra, Mithra and Nessa.

KH Textures
Hair from nerdykani's blog http://nerdykani.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/dao-misc-stuff-part-2.html (or go here http://tklivory.tumblr.com/tagged/tkl-tickles-mods)

FMorgana Textures (including Fatamorgana)
Hair from nerdykani's blog

Hair from nerdykani's blog
FMorgana Textures
KH Textures

FMorgana Textures (including FataMorgana)
Hair and Kani's Misc Textures from nerdykani's blog
Bidelle's Cosmetics

Look Hair
KH's Textures
Bidelle's Cosmetics

Anto Hairstyles
MB Eye and Face Textures
KH's DAO misc Textures = http://nerdykani.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/dao-misc-stuff-part-2.html


Just some Mors of random female NPCs I pulled out and redesigned.

They were just sitting there in my folder, and I thought maybe you guys might like them for your own games if you wish it. Most of them are derived from my Lovely Presets mod.

If you want more of these with other characters, feel free to inform me.

Simply drop the files into your Override Directory. If they don't show, pop them also into your Documents/ Bioware/ Dragon Age/ Packages/ Core/ Override/ Toolsetexport folder.

And of course BE SURE TO READ the Readme as it contains the list of Mods you need to get the Mors to work.

EDIT: Turns out I accidentally mixed up Isolde's hair with one from Hairstyle Day > The correct Mor file containing Kani's hair should be just like the image now. Many apologies for the confusion.