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Custom-made Master Level for Immora. Has a heavy emphasis on DLC demons.

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For Update 6.66 Rev 1.1 and Rev 2

Information on how to use and create mods are in the DOOM Eternal Modding Wiki:


This Custom Master Level Includes:
- Significantly harder demon spawns (obviously) and some tricky encounters.
- New secrets (some of the Extra Lives are moved there).
- Emphasis on underused TAG2 aspects, such as the DLC Demons, Meathook Platforming, and Arena Design.
- A Second Gore Nest Escalation Arena in the Lower City Area.

Due to multiple requests, there is a version of this Master Level that uses the red sky environment as seen in my TAG2 Rework or fhqwhgads7's TAG2 Plus mods.

Known Issues:
- Aerial demons in the Second Gore Nest Arena sometimes get stuck in the geometry.
- Fast Travel might sometimes not work when unlocked at the end of the level.