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Custom-made Master Level for Immora. Has a heavy emphasis on DLC demons.

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For Update 6.4

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This Custom Master Level Includes:
- Significantly harder demon spawns (obviously) and some tricky encounters.
- New secrets (some of the Extra Lives are moved there).
- Emphasis on underused TAG2 aspects, such as the DLC Demons, Meathook Platforming, and Arena Design.
- A Second Gore Nest Escalation Arena in the Lower City Area.

The TAG2 Demon Tweaks add-on is no longer integrated with this Master Level because too many people were asking for it to be removed.
The Demon Tweaks is now a separate mod that can be found in UberCringe's Challenge Restored Page.

There is a secret switch in the beginning of the level that will teleport you to the warp tube area. Use this if you frequently crash in the lower city area, or just want to skip half of the Master Level.
The switch is behind your start location. Look at the final image for help.

Known Issues:
- Aerial demons in the Second Gore Nest Arena sometimes get stuck in the geometry.
- Archviles in the Second Gore Nest Arena may teleport behind energy barriers. You can still shoot them and they would normally teleport back into the arena.
- Fast Travel might sometimes not work when unlocked at the end of the level.
- The game tends to crash or stutter when in the First Escalation Area and the Lower City Area. This also occurs in the vanilla level as well, so a fix for this is beyond my abilities. This is the primary reason why the secret switch exists.