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This mod features several non-combat related AI functions for player characters (all optional), such as: Healing, Resurrection, Status Removal (burning, knocked down, poison), Locked Item Destruction, Fire Clearing, Acceleration (Haste), Buffing etc. Same rules as players. In addition, there are options to change movement speed, combat idling etc.

Permissions and credits

This mod offers different AI functions for all playable characters out of combat to facilitate tasks like healing, destroying locked objects, removing statuses, acceleration, buffing etc., to reduce party micromanagment and to add some more life to your followers. The same rules apply to AI actions as to player-performed actions (requiring appropriate skills, regarding cooldowns, distance etc.). Actively controlled player characters won't act on their own as long as they're directly controlled.

In addition, the Extended Version contains options to change movement speed, combat idling and more.

The mod tries to be as modding-friendly as possible within the limitations of the engine, so it:

- can be installed and removed without having to start a new game or breaking a save game,
- can be installed along with other mods that don't use the same scripts,
- offers compatibility patches for Baardvark's Scales 1.9.32 and my QuietDayOnTheMarket mod,
- contains an extensive installation guide for combining the mod with non-compatible/-patchable mods (installed as pak files or in the game

To install see included Readme.

If you like my mod, you may endorse it to make it more visible. For feedback (so I know what you like/dislike about the mod or what must/should/could be fixed, improved or extended) you can use the comment section.

Thanks for playing!


Additional note:

Note that you will receive a warning about not being able to play in multiplayer when you start up the game with this type of mod (installed in the game's main directory, not as .pak module in the Documents folder); this warning must not be taken seriously. You can still play the game in multiplayer; just make sure that all players have the same mods installed (which is probably necessary for most mods).


List of features

Standard Version:

  • Regular check of party health every 3 seconds, choosing appropriate healing spell (regular healing skills for Non-Zombie characters and poison spells for character with Zombie talent) and healing the least vital character meeting all conditions (distance etc.), including the performing character itself.
  • NPCs and other player characters should be safe from healing accidents (Non-Zombies from poison, Zombies from regular healing or unlucky interactions between fire and poison).
  • Supported skills: Regenerate, Cure Wounds, Mass Heal, Water Of Life (in update 2.01); Poison Dart, Deadly Spores.

Skills that consume an item (e. g. Holy Grenade) aren't used, so companions won't waste your equipment.

Extended Version:

10 AI functions:

  • Healing: Damaged player characters will be healed with appropriate skills (s. Standard Version).

  • Resurrection: Dead players will be resurrected by their party members using a resurrection scroll or the
witchcraft master spell if available.

  • Status Removal (burning, knocked down, poisoned): Burning, knocked-down and poisoned statuses will be
removed from party members (burning and poisoned statuses also from Self) if an
appropriate skill is available.

  • Locked Item Destruction: Connected party members will help to destroy locked items (doors and
chests) with spells (preferably) and weapons when the
character-to-follow attacks a locked item.

  • Clearing Fire Surfaces: All fire surfaces within 12 in-game meters will be cleared with appropriate spells if available.

  • Acceleration (Haste): Connected party members will check the travel distance of the
character-to-follow every 7 seconds and cast the pyro haste spell if
available when the travel distance exceeds 14 in-game meters (to avoid
spamming haste spells all the time).

  • Perception: The player character with the highest perception will be regularly buffed with a Perception spell (Pyro).

  • Karma: The character will regularly cast Survivors Karma, if available, to increase the party's Luck.

AI activation:

  • 10 skills for each player character to activate/deactivate AI functions for the character.
  • 2 skills to make the next activation/deactivation command party-wide.


  • 3 skills to save the next casted buff or summoning skill in Buff Set 1, 2 or 3. The skill's target will be remembered (so characters can buff each other).
  • 3 skills to command all player characters except the commander to cast their remembered buff/summoning skill of Set 1, 2 or 3 on the remembered target.

Follow behaviour:

  • 1 skill to make all player characters stay in place (including the commander).
  • 1 skill to make all player characters follow again (including the commander).

This way chaining/unchaining characters isn't necessary any more.

Other options:

1 skill to start a dialog for different settings:

  • Player movement speed out of combat: +15, 25, 35, 45 or 55 percent.
  • Party sneaking: chained player characters will follow their leader into sneak mode.
  • Combat idling: reduced randomness of idle animations in combat (6-8 seconds between every animation, timer reset on being attacked) or deactivation of combat idling.

XC_Encounters Version:

A version for the mod XC_Encounters (smarmbot's merged version of XC_Bags by FrauBlake and Epic Encounters by Ameranth and Elric) is available. It comes with the following features:
- Removal of XC_Encounters' version of Samaritan 1.02.
- Integration of all 7 AI functions from the extended version of Samaritan 2.0.
- Support for some of XC_Encounters' new/changed spells (Healing: Soothe, Attonement, Creeping Ooze; Remove Burning: First Aid; Clearing Fire Surfaces: Deluge).
- Addition of 9 skills that allow to activate/deactivate the AI functions for each player character individually or for the whole party.
- Addition of 1 skill to activate/deactivate the auto-regeneration out of combat from Epic Encounters which was disabled in XC_Encounters.

Notes on compatibility:

Version Compatibility:
This mod is made for D:OS Enhanced Edition.

Save and game compatibility:
Compatible with all saves! You can add and remove the scripts whenever you want. There are no changes on story, so it's not expected to break your save or your game.

Mod Compatibility:
Compatible with all mods that don't make changes on the scripts used by this mod. Compatibility patches for using Samaritan with Scales or QuietDayOnTheMarket are available (Miscellaneous files).
The patch for QuietDayOnTheMarket also works for Samaritan's XC_Encounters Version.
For full compatibility between Samaritan - Extended Version and Frau Blake's XC_Bags just delete the 'Base' char script from Samaritan. Its features (Player Movement Speed and Reduced Combat Idling; activated/deactivated in the settings dialog) cannot be used then, but are covered by XC_Bags in some form anyway.

Other Mods:

There are more than 50 other mods for DOS 1 Enhanced Edition on the Nexus Site for the Classic Version (all mods first uploaded in November 2015 or later, except Lost Isles). Visit https://www.nexusmods.com/divinityoriginalsin/mods/ or have a look into TheWickedGamer's useful list: https://www.nexusmods.com/divinityoriginalsinenhancededition/mods/9?tab=description

My other mods for DOS 1 Enhanced Edition:

FasterAnimations: Faster attack, skill and spawn animations for Player characters and NPCs

QuietDayOnTheMarket: Reduces the NPC chatter

StandStillWhenIAttack: Addresses random idling during combat to facilitate targeting

BetterLogistics: Offers dialog based crafting and different options for item transfer

GetRidOfQuestmarkers: UI Mod that removes questmarkers from worldmap and minimap

Abraxas's JunkBox: Contains small mods of different type

Created by Others:

Scales (Baardvark): Gameplay Overhaul and Difficulty Mod.

Epic Encounters
(Ameranth & Elric): massive gameplay overhaul and content expansion.

DoS EE-MegaPack
(A100N = vito740)Graphic mod that replaces a lot of textures with better ones and contains optional Sweet FX settings.

DoSEE - Revisited Environment (Caabal): Graphic mod that replaces many textures with better ones, giving some objects a nice new look.

6 Man Party
(Baardvark): increases maximal party size to 6.

A Necromancer's Crusade (SniperHF): standalone adventure in the world of Rivellon (high quality!)

(SniperHF): standalone adventure with day & night cycle.

XC_Bags (FrauBlake): easier inventory management with auto-storing containers,
along with a crafting station and some general changes to loot, weapons

Four Character Creation
(SniperHF): adds a second character creation for full control over party building.

XC_Encounters (Ameranth & Elric, FrauBlake, smarmbot): a merged version of XC_Bags and Epic Encounters.