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A main campaign mod which mainly changes inventory handling but has a lot of changes to the main game too.

Permissions and credits
This mod is for Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition

Main Features:

- automatic inventory handling with 'Magic Bags' 
- new homestead containers 
- Cyseal crafting station
- very many small changes
- 4-player enabled, but additional steps have to be taken to make it work (cannot promise this to work)

Please see this Guide on Steam for how to enable playing with 4 players. I will not give any 4 player support, because I can't. If it works with the Guide, fine, if not, bad luck. The mod is prepared to be played with 4 players, but the game itself has to be modified to make it possible. If the Steam guide does not work for you, your only chance is Larian.

Due to heavy scripting changes, this mod requires starting a new game. If there are changes needed, I try to make them compatible with existing savegames, although I cannot make any promises.

Please see the thread New Mod - XC_Bags on the Larian Forums for Details. I'm not going to write extensive information here because it has been written already.


Unpack the zip, copy it to Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition\Mods and activate it in the game's 'Mods' menu. Don't activate any other mod there because activating multiple mods is not supported by the game.
(Typical Nexus mods might not require activation in the Mods menu which is the reason that they can be compatible with this mod.)


- the mod is not compatible with other Steam Workshop type mods (like Abraxas' 'Better Logistics')
- the mod is not compatible with other mods that change story code
- the mod can be compatible with most graphical mods from Nexus because it does not change any existing graphics, all graphical stuff is new
- according to Abraxas: compatible with 'Quiet Day on the Market' and 'SamaritanMod'
- NOT compatible with 'Scales', because both mods change a lot of the same things (although probably differently)

Discussing this mod:

- please use the thread in the Larian forums for questions/comments/bug reports if possible
- you can have any discussion about the mod here if you like but I might not read comments here as often as on Steam or the Larian forum
- please read the whole thread in the Larian forum, I post changes made since the original release there (and on Steam)
- all (or almost all) Readme information is included in books that players get at the start (I might have forgotten some little things)
- the changelog (which is fairly up to date) is not handed out to players at start but must be crafted by combining a sheet of paper with the new crafter statue at the new Cyseal crafting station, which will create a new book
- I added a change log here too so you can see changes here as well (still learning how to use Nexus ;-)

I try to keep the version here in sync with the Steam Workshop version, but I think (and hope) there will not be many more changes.

This mod is on the Steam Workshop, I only make it available here for all players not using Steam due to popular request (= 1 player in the Larian forum ;-)

2016-10-19: version has a workaround for the skills no longer working, see the change log
The issue with some skills no longer working after using the character appearance mirror in the Homestead should be resolved with this version.
Compatible with existing saves.