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73 years before the events of Original Sin, Rivellon's buried past comes back to haunt it. Looking to pay their respects; two pilgrims travel to Rhalic's Abbey only to find an undead invasion led by an unknown Necromancer. Corpses will reanimate, the dead will speak, and you must find a way to lead the survivors to safety.

Permissions and credits
A Necromancer’s Crusade – A Divinity: Original Sin EE Adventure Mod
1 or 2 player campaign beginning at level 3
10+ hours of playtime
30 custom designed combat encounters
The First D:OS mod with dual dialog support
4 maps to explore
25 hand-placed, custom made unique items
Tactician mode support for increased challenge

Set before the events of Original Sin, two pilgrims are traveling to Rhalic’s
Abbey, a holy site dedicated to worship of the Patron God of Humans.  At the Abbey, hundreds of years earlier, it is said the Rhalic banished a horde of evil creatures that had pillaged the area. No one knows why the undead came in droves, only that Rhalic banished them away.  The survivors rebuilt and dedicated their entire existence to praising Rhalic.

However, another catastrophe will unfold sending the two pilgrims into the
depths of the chambers beneath the abbey.  Long buried secrets will be surfaced, lost history rediscovered, and a collision course with the Chosen Necromancer himself is ordained. 

Known Issues:
Some of the machinist quest items will fall through the floor if you drop them.  Don't drop them.

The map/minimaps on the Parsonage and Ruins maps are incomplete and slightly messed up.  It’s caused by a bug in the map generator and I haven’t been able to fix it yet.

The first time the player goes into the parsonage, the rift travel menu will get disabled.  This is to prevent fast travel to way points you aren't supposed to be able to access.  If you reload a save game the waypoint menu will be accessible again. 
Flee Combat:
 It shouldn't be a huge issue but I'd suggest not using it on any boss fight.
AI Personalities:
They should work but are untested. 
Pet Pal Talent:
Pat Pal is now supported as of the latest version 1.1.
All Skilled Up Talent:
If you take the all skilled up talent during character creation you don't actually get the points.  Don’t take it with your initial talent points.
Lone wolf Talent:
I have modified the Lone Wolf talent, by taking it you lose 2 points in SPD and CON. You still gain +2AP and 70% increased health. You lose the ability to take additional talents but you gain additional attributes as the game progresses.

Tips & Information
1.  The mod hasn’t been heavily play-tested, there are probably bugs and if you run into an issue
please post the problem.  I have some debug options built in that might be able to fix things.

2.  Combat balance skews hard and on Tactician mode it requires much more use of crowd control,
status effects, and consumables than the base game.   

3.  Enemies will have abilities you don’t necessarily expect.
Baardvark - Map work on the caves area and initial combat layouts, designed the unique items, and wrote several NPCs. 
Cadmus and Jean-Francois Gagne from Larian for answering questions.

mbpopolano24 and Abraxas* for play-testing ANC.

Roguelike for his D:OS EE utilities.