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Dark Souls 3 singleplayer overhaul mod for people who like challenges, but not crazy stuff.
Hollows mod offer to players increased difficulty, more tactical combat - melee based. Many core system are reworked, you can miss some stuff from vanilla, but..

Inspiration was "Darker Souls" mod and Bloodborne, but we have different way ho

Permissions and credits

As we said, mod is for people who like a challenges, magic is more a support and we also add Bloodborne like content that's why our mod is big in term of size.

FP (mana) system reworked 

You have 90 flat FP and you can't increase it with Attunement, WA and spells FP usages are adjusted. Added passive FP regen to covenant emblems and every spell now have zero stat requirement due this system change.
Magic is more like ranged support now, spell buffs, blade buffs are been removed from game (not all, see articles), cause of balance reasons.
In newest updates you can join to one covenant which have great benefits to magic > again see articles.

Ammunition - stuff
You can carry only 30 bolts now, of course we increase power of ammunition and remember - you can parry with them! (Light/Heavy crossbow, Avelyn replaced by guns).
Bows has no change.
Pine resins now have increased duration to 90 sec and bundles to 15 sec - both has around 3-4x more power!
Very usefull againt's bosses, specially in NG+.
Many materials have much bigger drop rate, you can farm all rings in first NG, but for challenge we recommend go to NG+ or NG+2.
Rings has been reworked too "see articles", infusions reworked and finally..

Hollow infusion reworked 
Scaling with Luck is a past, no more scaling from this stat and of course we add a new functionality.
Every Hollow weapon have passive lifesteal on each hit depend on weapon type: fast, medium, slow, very slow.
Don't touch my Estus Flask!
We do this.. at +10 reinforcement flask has around - 40% effectivity. Don't be sad, first 3 locations now drop Divine blessing from stronger enemies.

Bloodborne fans 
Mod have by default BB UI by Lenox, you can remove it, if you know how ( you need only rename msg and menu folder or delete), but you lost text data of renamed items and new one.
There's a new weapons, armors oh and we don't forget to add Frozen Pine resin drop from Pontiff knights, because there's no spell buffs.
Scimitar, Shotel, Dark Sword, Bastard Sword, Whip, Estoc replaced by BB trick weapons by Hunter's mod by Forsakensilver.
Replaced Assasin, Alva set by some cool set. In 1.1 version we also add some new sets and weapons, just look to articles.

Part of Hunter's mod is dash replacement and animation of estus flask drinking.
Changed a bit blood from black to red, but isn't perfect. and many more in next updates, we aiming for merging some cool BB mods.

PS: BB menu don't have mana bar and spell slots, maybe in future.

Difficulty and bosses 

Enemies have around 3-6x more HP from vanilla (depend of map), NG+ have x2 more HP, NG+2 x3 we things it's max, if you're not crazy.
Bosses have increased stat, some of them have boosted poise / hyperarmor and using some rings effect and warning.. aux effect. Lord bosses have hp regen every 3 sec, you need to be more agressive. Yhorm receive normal damage from weapons, you don't need Storm Ruler anymore, only for stunt.

Halflight, Spear of the Church Boss is now more challenging, previous guardian is defeated so Argo recruited young hunter and teach him some tricks againts intruders.

Assassin class now have starter equip: Threaded cane + Evelyn (gun parry).
PS: Saw cleaver is a treasure in cemetery, Ludwig blade is too powerfull, so it's late game reward.
Report bugs and you can alsome make an suggestion.

1.2 update add much more enemies to almost all maps, also you can meet some enemies earlier. Due to this changes, game is more challenging, but you can rename / delete map folder. Enjoy

Use this mod only offline or you will get ban.
By default blockNetworkAccess is 1 (offline) in modengine.ini.
Make backup of ur save files and start game with fresh character.

Copy game folder data to your game data folder ( if you have others mods, just put from game data hollow mod folder to ur game data and write correct adress in modengine ).

Delete row where is "Hollow mod" in modengine.ini or delete all folders etc.

Special Thanks to:

Lenox for BB UI.
Forsakensilver for Hunter Combat mod.
Cyclolock for Darker mod inspiration and core of ours.
UncleBARD for firearms and some BB sets.
MaxTheMiracles for BB weapons.
Papa Appa for Map Studio Addons.
TKGP for Yapped.
Katalash for modengine.
Don't forget Endorse and support this creators and get full version of theirs mods, install them, enjoy.