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Overhaul mod for veterans, with new balance, less bonfires, atmosfere lighting, new enemy placements, bosses, items, spells, shiny red blood, new status effects and many others core changes in gameplay.

Permissions and credits

Hollow Overhaul is for people who like a challenge and new atmosfere for new playthrough. Leveling up your character, upgrade weapons is more important same as using others elements in game.

Mod offer overhaul in many aspect, changed difficulty, status effects, scaling of weapons, reworked infusions.

We using many others mods which improve ours, you can see new music, hud ui and more, armor sets, guns and more, big thanks to original creators.

Enemy placement is changed and every map have different atmosfere, because of new lightning in all maps, ceremony too.
To have motivation visit maps againts in ceremony version, we bring some mini bosses into game, which drops unique materials for leveling your weapons ( bonus 2 levels ) and some cool new items + slowly we adding new bosses!

Bosses have different stats, poise and inflict to player aux effect, some of them have companions. Useless bosses like Wyvern, Gravetender are replaced and you can meet some new bosses in Ceremony maps ( after kill 4th Lord ).
Classes are revamped same as gifts and we have enhanced blood, which is more red - shiny.

Lowered amount of bolts - arrows, pine resins are much better, covenant farming more easy, because vanilla system is a bit meh.
Hollow infusion provide lifesteal oh will be long list yay..

Visit nexus articles for more information about mod.
Also you can visit a mod discord:
If you wish to support my work, you can became Patreon: 
 or you can use https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/hollowoverhaul 

Quick overview
  • New lighting in all maps which change atmosfere greatly ( many maps are not same as in Hollow Lighting mod ).
  • Restored cut content Epitaph from Alpha.
  • Changed enemy placement, added more enemies, many enemies from different maps are moved to others.
  • New Items, weapons from BB, DeS.. Many of them have moveset changed, special buffs, armors etc.
  • Shields has their ownd infusions, which provide you changed WA or passive stats.
  • New Frenzy aux effect ( bb inspired ), flame aux effect which block your estus, toxic is much more dangerous, same as frostbite.
  • General balance, weapon balance, more harder difficulty.
  • Shiny red blood, more advanced than in Pino mod.
  • New HUD UI (customized dashima), bloodborne boss music.
  • Changed location of some items and added new treasures.
  • Rings plus version are available in NG.
  • Untended Graves have NPC abyssal enemies like in DS2 Chasm.
  • Ceremony version of maps have different lighting and have minibosses with great rewards.
  • Upgrade your weapons to +7 unique and +12 normal via unique crystals, dropped from Lord bosses and ceremony minibosses.
  • Changed starting classes, gifts.
  • More powerfull Pine Resins.
  • Spells have no int/faith req, nerfed attunement scaling curve.
  • Removed some OP spell buffs or limited.
  • Hollow infusion which give you lifesteal, depend on weapon.
  • New hostiles NPC's and casual bosses replaced.
  • Added more then 70 new spells from version 2.0
  • Added classic poise in version 2.0.
  • Less bonfires.
  • Ember has new effect, read ingame description.
  • Bosses using Hard mod from Cyanic and have increased strength, defences, poise, inflict aux effect or have companions.
  • There's also replaced casual bosses with DeS inspired like Forgotten Penetrator, King, Hero and new ceremony bosses like Phalana, Beast, Corrupted Oceiros or Abyss Guardian.. they mean to be challenging, gl.

Because of new lighting and some effects, our mod has highter PC requirements, everything cost something. :(


Use this mod only offline or you will get ban.
By default blockNetworkAccess is 1 (offline) in modengine.ini.
You can use Family Share ( again working ).
Make backup of ur save files and start game with fresh character.

Copy hoodiepatcher, dinput and other dll files inside rar file into /Game folder, Hollow mod folder copy into /Game folder too.
You also need both DLC's to play mod, only english is supported for now.

Delete row where is "Hollow mod" in modengine.ini or delete all folders etc.

Special Thanks to:

Gomp for ESD and EMEVD helpfull tips, boss creation and more..
NamelessHoodie for Hoodie Patcher and others tools.
Neph for animation assets.
Wukong for boss animation assets.
Lenox for BB UI.
Dashima for Minimalistic HUD.
Meowmaritus for beta FXMLRDS3.
Forsakensilver for Hunter Combat mod.
Cyclolock for Darker mod inspiration.
UncleBARD for firearms and some BB sets.
Vawser for firearms hks and helpfull tips.
Papa Appa for Map Studio Addons and his tutorials.
Nexon45 for BB music.
MaxTheMiracles for his amazing models.
El Fonzo for models.
Taru Salvator for his models.
P4FCIO for BB models.
Cyanic99 for Harder bosses.
TKGP for Yapped.
Katalash for modengine.
The Avenger for behnd tool and hks helps.
HoonterThatHoont for Bloodborne effects for Estus.
KEZ for sound tool.
and more..
Don't forget Endorse and support this creators and get full version of theirs mods, install them, enjoy.