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Vanilla-friendly Overhaul+difficulty mod.
Weapons and WA rebalance; Passive FP regen; Slabs randomly drop from late game enemies; Shields rework; Scaling rework; Infusions rework; Enemies have 3x HP; Rings improved; Bigger drop rates; Twinkling and Titanite Scales drop from the tougher enemies; And more.

Permissions and credits

Between me and Dark Souls 3 there has always been a love-hate relationship, but I guess that's the case with all Souls players.

One thing that I absolutely loved about the game was the abundance of different types of melee weapons. However, it's not all cool and dandy because most of those weapons become redundant fast, and are easily replaced by others that are simply superior, while some are just...useless, and they won't be used, ever, and I despise that with all my heart. <3  Wanna use that cool new whip you've just got your dirty casul hands on? Well... YOU CAN'T! 'CAUSE YOU'LL SUCK EVEN HARDER BY USING IT! That being said, if you are a melee weapons junkie like me, you're gonna probably like this mod.

Also a big let down was when I realized that the dreaded Dark Souls combat was becoming more and more of a stun-lock-one-shot-mortal-kombat-style-flawless-victory fest, which got old fast. Then, I somehow managed to kill the Old Demon King in my first try ever pretty much by accident by mashing buttons together, not knowing where my character was or what was exactly happening due to the size of the boss combined with the awful camera the game has. I've later found out from the wiki that the boss was also immune to my Vordt's Great Hammer frostbite and that he apparently has multiple phases. Yeah...It was pretty difficult for me to notice. All I knew was that the boss had a spiny butt and that I was taking damage...from..stuff. So after I emerged victorious from the very pits of hell feeling confused and a little violated, my face still being sore from all that brushing against the demon's "cheeks", I knew something must be done.

Another thing that I fu...hated was the lack of "mana" regeneration. I mean what's up with that? Is it still 1990? They didn't get the memo or something? ZeLdA sOuLs In ThE hOuSe!%$#  For real now. How many times did you actually use your weapon's skill during your playthrough not wanting to deplete your FP bar? I don't know about you, but wasting my precious estus flask to allot it into some ashen flasks nonsense is a big no-no. And to be honest, when I finally learned how to use the weapon arts, thanks to the delightful mouse and keyboard controls the game has, I was already halfway through the game. What kind of game needs an online guide for teaching players to use their controls?!

Anyways, this rambling doesn't seem to lead anywhere so...thanks to TKGP's Yapped modding tool and to the Corona Virus quarantine which allowed me to have lots of spare time, I hereby present to you a very serious mod from a very unserious guy...hey, wait...am I still allowed to call myself a guy? Is that politically correct and s***? Never mind, Ta-da!:

Another Introduction
It's my own mod, I can do as many introductions as I want to. Hah!

Darker Souls is a true-to-vanilla single player *ONLY* overhaul mod (Don't use this online. You will get banned). The game still is very much Dark Souls 3, but more balanced, challenging and with more quality of life things and fixes. It does not add new weapons, bosses or any other new content.

At it's core, it is a combat oriented mod meant for melee characters, designed to turn the sword-poking from this game into actual combat.

All melee and ranged weapons have been balanced between each other making every weapon, especially the melee ones, a viable and competitive choice. The weapons are obviously still different, with different stats and behavior. The weapons will feel even more balanced as you get more into the late game.

The mod also introduces a new FP regeneration 'mechanic' allowing players to act independently of the ashen estus flask.

Armor is not just for show anymore. Due to the fact that fights are longer now, the amount of damage you will receive overall will be higher, so stacking resistances can make the difference between survival and death. Weight management will also have more depth because of these reasons.

Increases base item discovery rate and the amount of item discovery rate gained by investing into the LUCK attribute.

All the shields have been reworked, giving players a greater sense of progression, like an RPG should feel like. The further you get into the game, the stronger the shields you will find.

Improves on most of the rings found in game, many of which I felt were too weak or too situational to ever use.

All rings versions can be found during the first playthrough.

Adds rare upgrade materials to the random drop lists of stronger enemies, so players can experiment freely with as many weapons as they like and upgrade pretty much every weapon to +10/+5 in their first playthrough.

And more... Read on for more details.


I will not be listing every single little change (stuff like base weapon damage, weapon scaling etc.) here for obvious reasons. Only bigger or more weapon specific changes will make the list here.
As updates went by, many changes have been left out of these lists. If you're really interested, you must read the changelogs.


  • All enemies, including bosses, hostile phantoms and hostile NPCs, now have 3 times more hp, making the fights feel like actual combat.

  • These changes make dodging, proper positioning and stamina management much more important than before. Long gone are the days when you were just rushing and insta-killing enemies. 

  • Choosing your battles is much more important. Biting more than you can chew by engaging multiple enemies is particularly risky now, since you can no longer dispatch of one of them so easily.

  • Fights will last long enough for Bleed, Frostbite and Poison to be able to proc, making them much more viable now, especially with how the new Poison infusion behaves now (see Poison changes down below). 

  • It WILL turn you into a better player. You won't have a choice really. You will either get better or die miserably over and over again. YAY!

  • Buffed some of the unique NPC enemies so they'll kinda feel like minibosses.

  • Buffed the HP of some of the minibosses.

  • Buffed the bleed/poison/toxic/frostbite resistances of some of the bosses/minibosses so they won't be cheesed by those effects.

  • In NG+ every level will be at roughly the same difficulty as The Ringed City level.


The mod is meant to make players approach battles differently. Going in hard while being under-leveled or fashion-souls-style is most of the time a really bad idea. Gear resistances matter now. Your shield's damage resistances make a huge difference now. Finding the type of damage the boss is weaker to, and using an appropriate weapon can be very important also.

The core of this mod is in the increased difficulty and the huge weapon variety and viability. You're not supposed to play the entire game using the same 2-3 different weapons like you do in the vanilla game, so don't expect to be able to do so with that much ease. Experiment and adapt.

FP and Spells

  • A new passive FP regeneration 'mechanic' has been introduced: I have added a passive FP regeneration effect to all covenant emblems in the game.

  • Players start the game with a new custom covenant emblem equipped which allows them to benefit from the passive FP regeneration right from the start.

  • The effect regenerates 1 FP point per 0.375 seconds, which means that it takes 33.75 seconds to regen from 0 to 90 FP.

  • Every class starts with 90 base FP which cannot be increased by investing into Attunement anymore for balance reasons.

  • All weapon arts FP costs have been adjusted accordingly. The FP bar will act sort of like a cooldown bar for WA and spells.

  • FP costs of spells have been adjusted accordingly.

  • Spells no longer require INT or FTH to be used. All spells require just one attunement slot. If you find it, you can cast it, as long as you have a catalyst.

  • Spells scale with STR and DEX now. This is a side effect of some other changes I've made to how non-physical weapon damage works.

  • Poison Mist and Toxic Mist spells don't travel as much when cast, making them more comfortable and easier to use for catching enemies inside their 'cloud'.

  • Lifehunt Scythe restores 10% of max HP on top of the usual effect.

  • Due to the FP regen changes, abusable spells (like heals and buffs) are no longer obtainable or usable.

List of removed spells

Magic Weapon
Great Magic Weapon
Crystal Magic Weapon
Frozen Weapon
Magic Shield
Great Magic Shield
Aural Decoy
Pestilent Mist
Hidden Weapon
Hidden Body


Acid Surge
Flash Sweat
Profuse Sweat
Iron Flesh
Power Within
Carthus Beacon
Carthus Flame Arc


Heal Aid
Med Heal
Great Heal
Bountiful Light
Projected Heal
Caressing Tears
Tears of Denial
Seek Guidance
Sacred Oath
Blessed Weapon
Lightning Blade
Darkmoon Blade
Magic Barrier
Great Magic Barrier
Dark Blade
Vow of Silence
Deep Protection
Soothing Sunlight
Bountiful Sunlight


  • Weapons scaling has been reworked. The non-physical damage of weapons no longer scales with INT and FHT, instead it now scales with STR and DEX, WA included.

  • The native INT and FHT scaling of weapons has been removed. Weapons that previously had INT and FHT scaling have received a small boost to STR and DEX scaling to compensate.

  • All Infusions have been reworked from scratch with balance in mind.

  • Now, Crystal and Dark infusions will be better suited for weapons with high DEX scaling, while Chaos and LIghtning will be stronger on STR scaling based weapons.

  • Poison, Frostbite and Bleed have been completely reworked:

  • Poison caused by the player's weapons now deals 1% of max HP damage plus 10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26/28/30 unmitigated flat damage per second for 6 seconds. Changes apply to Rotten Pine Resin too.

  • Bleed now deals 5% of max HP damage plus 50/60/70/80/90/100/110/120/130/140/150 unmitigated flat damage. Changes apply to Carthus Rouge too.

  • Frostbite now deals 5% of max HP damage plus 200 flat unmitigated damage (300 for Vordt's). Also, increases the damage that the target receives to 15%. Lasts for 16 seconds now.

  • Durability of all paired weapons greatly increased.

Specific weapons changes


  • The damage of Daggers has been increased as I felt they were just not cutting it. *smirk*

  • Handmaid's Dagger: Absorbs 2 FP per hit instead of 1.

  • Brigand Twindaggers: WA swapped to 'Blind Spot'. It ties in very well with their other attacks.

  • Harpe: Now deals more stamina damage allowing you to break the guard of enemies more easily to balance out the fact that they deal a bit less damage than other daggers.

  • Murky Hand Scythe: Increased the Dark damage ratio.

  • Quickstep weapon art Does not consume stamina anymore, only FP.

Straight Swords

  • These are probably the types of weapons which suffered the least amount of changes as they already were in a pretty good spot to begin with.

  • Cleric's Candlestick: While wielding it you can also cast Miracles and Pyromancies. Weapon art swapped to Perseverance.

  • Sunlight Straight Sword: It's weapon art increases damage reduction even more, but it wears off if the weapon is switched.

  • Morion Blade: It's passive kicks in while you are below 40% HP instead of the former 20% threshold. It's native bleed infusion scales with weapon's reinforcement level now.

  • Valorheart: It's shield block protects for 100% physical damage now. Has more stability. Reinforcing it also increases block stability.

  • Dark Sword: Increased it's strong attack and WA damage to compensate for the huge stamina usage.


  • Firelink Greasword: Weapon art buff adds 50% more fire damage to the weapon instead of the flat increase it used to have.

  • Executioner's Greatsword: It's passive restores 20 FP per kill now. Stomp uses less stamina.

  • Wolnir's Holy Sword: Doubled the area range of it's weapon art and reduced it's WA stamina usage making this weapon not suck anymore. It is actually a really nice GS right now, with an unique WA.

  • Greatsword of Judgment: Weapon art buff adds 45% more magic damage to the weapon instead of the flat increase it used to have.

  • Storm Ruler: Now requires DEX and STR stat investment to be able to be wielded. Greatly increased it's durability so it can be used like any other weapon during normal gameplay scenarios.

  • Onyx Blade: The weapon art buff adds 50% bonus Dark damage to the weapon instead of the flat fire damage increase. The weapon art's range has been increased allowing player to successfully use it to hit charging enemies or even during combos. Buff's duration has been reduced to 20 seconds due to it's more practical use.

  • Wolf Knight Greatsword: WA stamina usage reduced. WA light attack damage buff.

  • Black Knight GS: Increased it's stability and it's physical damage reduction while blocking to 75%. Reinforcing it will further increase it's physical defense and stability.

Ultra Greatswords

  • The stamina consumption of all the Ultra Greatsword's moves has been reduced by around 15% (varying from weapon to weapon) since stamina management it's a more difficult thing to do now.

  • Fume Ultra Greatsword: Increased it's physical damage reduction to 75% while blocking, and reinforcing it increases it's physical defense and stability to balance out the fact that it will most likely be wielded in two hands due to it's very high STR requirement.

  • Lorian's Greatsword: Weapon art buff adds 50% more fire damage to the weapon instead of the flat increase it used to have. WA buff duration reduced to 30 seconds.

  • Farron Greatsword: Attribute scalings rounded up.

  • The Stomp WA uses less stamina.

  • Profaned Greatsword: It's WA grants 100 fire flat damage instead of 80.

  • Black Knight UGS: Increased it's stability and it's physical damage reduction while blocking to 75%. Reinforcing it will further increase it's physical defense and stability.

Curved Swords

  • The base weapon damage of all curved swords has been increased as I have found them lacking. And other miscellaneous adjustments.

  • Carthus Shotel: Has the moveset and WA of the scimitar.

Curved Greatswords

  • Murakumo: Reduced stamina consumption rate by a bit.

  • Exile Greatsword: Increased stamina consumption rate by 5% to balance out it's huge damage potential.

  • Harald Curved Greatsword: WA stamina consumption decreased by 25%.

  • Old Wolf Curved Sword: It's passive effect restores 3% of max HP and 30 flat HP when procced.


  • The damage of all katanas has been increased by a bit to balance out their high stamina usage compared to the other small weapons. Their durability has been greatly increased. All Katanas deal 11.1% more stamina damage.
  • Darkdrift: WA damage increased. Native bleed infusion scales with weapon's reinforcement level now.

  • Washing Pole: Increased it's stamina consumption rate to balance out it's insane range.

  • Black Blade: Decreased it's stamina consumption rate to balance out it's very short range.

  • Chaos Blade: The self inflicted damage that comes from it's passive effect has been toned down. Native bleed infusion scales with weapon's reinforcement level now.

  • Bloodlust: It's WA buff lasts 60 seconds now. It's WA buff now grants 30% bonus damage and 40 bonus bleed instead of the vanilla 20. Native bleed infusion scales with weapon's reinforcement level now.

  • Frayed Blade: Native bleed infusion scales with weapon's reinforcement level now.

  • Onikiri and Ubadachi: WA damage increased.

Thrusting Swords

  • Greatly increased their damage as in my opinion they were too weak to ever take in consideration.

  • Ricard's Rapier: Increased it's WA damage.

  • Crystal Sage's Rapier: Grants 100 item discovery rate now. Has the stats to compete with other weapons in terms of combat capabilities.

  • Crow Quills: WA damage increased.


  • Increased their damage by just a bit, and other small adjustments.

  • Thrall Axe: Further increased it's damage to be able to compete with the other axes. Quickstep does not consume stamina anymore.

  • Butcher Knife: WA lasts for 60 seconds and grant's 10% bonus damage instead of 5%. Buffed regular attacks lifesteal by a bit. Buffed strong attack and charged strong attack lifesteal by quite a bit.

  • Eleonora: Now has a native bleed infusion that scales with it's reinforcement level. WA duration increased to 60 seconds. WA buff grants 1.2% HP lifesteal per hit now.


  • All greataxes consume 15% less stamina.

  • Great Machete: WA buff duration increased to 60 seconds. WA buff increases physical damage by 20% instead of 10%.

  • Black Knight Greataxe: Increased it's stability and it's physical damage reduction while blocking to 75%. Reinforcing it will further increase it's physical defense and stability.


  • Increased their damage by around 6% and some more small changes.

  • Heysel Pick: Entire moveset swapped to Flachion's moveset, including weapon art and strong attack. I am quite happy on how well the new moveset fits the weapon.

  • Blacksmith Hammer: Is now a decent weapon and can be used unironically.

  • Warpick: Galvanize grants 15 stamina regen.

Great Hammers

  • The stamina consumption of all the Great Hammer moves has been reduced by 15% since stamina management it's a more difficult thing to do now. Some more adjustments to stamina where I felt it was the case to do so.

  • Gargoyle Flame Hammer: I have doubled the velocity of it's weapon art although it seems to only have increased it's actual range. Not so sure tho, needs some more testing and tinkering.

  • Smough's Great Hammer: Restores more HP per hit now. Increased it's physical damage reduction to 75% while blocking, and reinforcing it increases it's physical defense and stability to balance out the fact that it will most likely be wielded in two hands due to it's very high STR requirement.

  • Old King's Great Hammer: Increased the range of it's WA so you can actually hit baddies with it without them being right in your nose.

  • Spiked Mace: Gave it a higher level native blood infusion that also does more damage when triggered.

  • Morne's Great Hammer: Increased it's physical damage reduction to 75% while blocking, and reinforcing it increases it's physical defense and stability to balance out the fact that it will most likely be wielded in two hands due to it's very high STR requirement.

  • Ledo's Great Hammer: Increased it's physical damage reduction to 75% while blocking, and reinforcing it increases it's physical defense and stability to balance out the fact that it will most likely be wielded in two hands due to it's very high STR requirement.

  • Vordt's Great Hammer: Frostbite does more damage when triggered.

  • Quakestone Hammer: It's WA stamina consumption has been reduced by 50%, so that now it can be tied into combos.

  • Pickaxe: Galvanize grants 15 stamina regen.

Fists and Claws

  • Damage increased. Stamina usage increased to balance out their high damage potential.

  • Dark Hand: Has a 100% physical damage block value, 70% elemental and 70 stability.  Swapped it's godawful WA to 'Weapon Skill'. Has a weight of 0. Price increased greatly due to it's buffs.

  • Manikin Claws: Quickstep does not consume stamina anymore. Has native poison instead of bleed.

Spears and Pikes

  • Increased their damage as I've found them to be pretty much impossible to use due to their low damage, slow attack speed and low stamina damage, some spears also have very short range.

  • Arstor's Spear: Native poison infusion scales with the weapon's reinforcement level.

  • Tailbone Spear: Increased the speed and range of it's WA projectile.

  • Yorshka's Spear: Now it has a passive that restores HP and FP per hit. It's WA has been swapped to 'Spin Sweep'. The visual effect of it's former WA is now always visible on the weapon. 

  • Dragonslayer Swordspear: A bigger part of it's damage is now lighting damage. It's WA buff increases it's lightning damage by 50% for 60 seconds.

  • Golden Ritual Spear: Has the 'Charge' WA, now.

  • Soldering Iron: Does a lot more damage making it a decent weapon. Increased it's durability to 75.

  • Ringed Knight Spear: A greater part of it's damage is now fire damage. WA buff gives a 60% increase to weapon's fire damage. WA duration is reduced to 25 seconds compelling players to use it's WA every time they have the available FP which won't be a problem with the new passive FP regen 'mechanic'.


  • Winged Knight Halberd: Decreased it's stamina consumption by a bit as it was too difficult to use it properly with the changes this mod introduces. WA damage buff.

  • Immolation Tinder: It now allows players to cast spells of all schools of magic. Increased the range of it's WA. Increased the damage of it's WA by quite a bit also.

  • Crucifix of the Mad King: The sphere summoned by it's WA no longer damages the player when detonating.

  • Black Knight Glaive: Increased it's stability and it's physical damage reduction while blocking to 75%. Reinforcing it will further increase it's physical defense and stability.

  • Splitleaf GS: WA damage buff.


  • Increased their damage by some, plus other substantial adjustments.

  • Pontiff Knight Great Scythe: It's native bleed infusion scales with the weapon's reinforcement level. The area of effect of it's WA has been increased.

  • Great Corvian Scythe: Increased the level of it's native bleed infusion which also does more damage when triggered. Native bleed infusion scales with weapon's reinforcement level.

  • Friede's Great Scythe: Greatly increased the area of effect of it's strong attack WA. The strong attack WA detonates very shortly after casting it making it a much more reliable weapon skill which can also be used mid combo successfully with a bit of practice.


  • A big damage increase here since these weapons were simply useless. Also a stamina damage increase making these weapons quite nice for poking and guard breaking.

  • Spotted Whip: It's native poison infusion scales with weapon's reinforcement level now.

  • Rose of Ariandel: Has warcry WA and club moveset. It's bleed scales with reinforcement level.


  • The skill of all regular (non-infused) shields is 'Weapon Skill' now, since combat will revolve more around weapon arts. Unique shields with bad skills are also affected by these changes. If you want to use 'Parry' or whatever skill the respective shield originally had you must infuse the shield with any gem.

  • The way shields infusions and reinforcements work have been completely reworked. Now, infused shields gain stability when reinforced, the same way as the regular shields do. This is how things should have been in the first place, but apparently FROMSOFTWARE was lazy as hell and didn't gave shields their own reinforcements parameters, so they used the same ones the weapons used. Also, a few regular shields that used the wrong type of reinforcement parameters in the vanilla game have been fixed.

  • The physical defense and stability of all the shields in the game have been reworked based on their weight, how difficult it is to obtain them and far into the game they can be found.

  • The game will feel more like an RPG, the sense of progression being much stronger now. The player will now constantly find better shields as he advances through the game.

  • All greatshields weigh 25% less.


  • Deprived: Starts at level 0.

  • Herald: Starts with Force spell.

  • Assassin: Starts with Poison Mist spell.

  • Cleric: Starts with Lightning Spear.


Base item discovery rate has been increased to 250 and each point of LUCK grants 5 item discovery rate so that gear farming won't be a seemingly endless, frustrating chore that gets you overleveled.

--Fun story: The first time I've encountered the Black Knight just before the Farron Keep area I knew I needed to have his gear, so I farmed him... When I managed to gather the whole set I was over level 50. Not fun, man, not fun--

  • Symbol of Avarice increases item discovery rate by 200.

  • Sage Crystal Rapier increases item discovery rate by 100.

  • Covetous Gold Serpent Ring increases item discovery rate by 50/100/150/200.

  • Rusted Coin increases item discovery rate by 150 for 180 seconds.

  • Gold Rusted Coin increases item discovery rate by 300 for 180 seconds.

  • I have added twinkling titanite and titanite scales to the loot tables of stronger enemies which I have deemed appropriate to be dropping the mentioned materials.

  • Drop rates for most upgrade materials and gems have been increased, so upgrading lots of weapons is less of a hassle.

  • Titanite slabs also have a chance of dropping from late game enemies allowing players to upgrade as many weapons to +10/5 per playthrough as they want to.

  • Bosses now drop 2 souls (Dancer only drops 1 soul while the Nameless King drops 3 souls) allowing players to get all their transposeable items in the first playthrough.

  • Covenant Currency item drops increased.

  • Armor sets/pieces that normally become available for buying from the shrine handmaid after defeating various bosses or unique NPCs will no longer be sold by her. Instead, they will be dropped or received automatically by defeating said boss or unique NPC.


  • The weight of all rings has been set to 0.5 so the player won't have to switch his entire gear if he goes over the 70% weight limit after changing rings.

  • All rings versions are now obtainable during the first playthrough. I have scattered them across levels as evenly as I could. Explore thoroughly to find 'em all.

Ring specific changes


  • Life Ring: Max bonus HP granted increased to 8/12/16/20%.

  • Sun Princess Ring: 1 HP regen per 0.375 sec instead of 2 HP per 1 second.

  • Knight's Ring: STR bonus increased to +10.

  • Hunter's Ring: DEX bonus increased to +10.

  • Scholar's Ring: INT bonus increased to +10.

  • Priestess Ring: FAT  bonus increased to +10.

  • Covetous Gold Serpent Ring: Increased item discovery rates to 50/100/150/200.

  • Dusk Crown Ring: No longer has the 15% max HP penalty.

  • Wolf Ring: Increased bonus Poise to + 6/8/10/12.

  • Ring of the Evil Eye: 2.5%+25 flat/4%+40 flat/4.5%+45 flat/5%+50 flat HP restored per kill.

  • Dragonscale Ring: Increased backstab damage reduction to 50%.

  • Farron ring: Effect buffed to 30%.

  • Flynn's Ring: 30% bonus attack power when at minimum equip load.

  • Magic/Lightning/Fire/Dark Clutch Rings: Damage absorption penalties reduced to 5%.

  • Red Tearstone Ring: Effect kicks in when below 40% HP instead of 20%. 25% damage boost.

  • Blue Tearstone Ring: Effect kicks in when below 40% HP instead of 20%. 25% damage absorb boost.

  • Lloyd's Sword Ring: Effect is active while above 70% HP now. 13% damage boost.

  • Lloyd's Shield Ring: Effect is active while above 70% HP. 15% damage absorb boost.

  • Carthus Milkring: Increased bonus DEX to +5.

  • Carthus Bloodring: No longer has damage absorption penalty.

  • Pontiff's Right Eye: Increased the window opportunity for the ring procs. 3/6/12% bonus damage.

  • Pontiff's Left Eye: Restores 6% of max HP + 30 flat HP.

  • Aldrich's Ruby: Restores 10% of max HP.

  • Sage Ring: Increases spell casting speed more at +1 and +2.

  • Ring of Steel Protection: +5/9/13/17 physical damage absorb.

  • Flame/Thunder/Magic/Dark Stoneplate Ring: +10/15/20 bonus absorb to their respective element.

  • Speckled Stoneplate Ring: +6/12 bonus absorb against all elements.

  • Chloranthy Ring: +8/10/12/14 stamina regen.

  • Calamity Ring: +8% physical damage dealt. +5% elemental damage received. 

  • Knight Slayer's Ring: Stamina damage increased to 30% from 20%.


  • Stupid looking colorful phantoms glow removed.

  • Thorns Set's damage has been increased giving players a good reason to wear the full set.

  • All armor pieces weigh 25% less.

  • Players can now carry two times more arrows and bolts.

  • Players can now carry 99 rusted coins and gold coins.

  • Players can now carry only 5 Charcoal Pine Bundles and 5 Gold Pine Bundles due to their buffs (see below).

  • All Pine Resins last for 120 seconds now.

  • Charcoal Pine Bundles and Gold Pine Bundles last for 60 seconds now (their vendor prices have also been increased).

  • Bug Pellets last for 240 seconds now.

  • Carthus Rouge lasts for 120 seconds now.

  • Rotten Pine Resin adds 20 poison now, same as Carthus Rouge.

  • Mossfruit last for 120 seconds now.

  • The shop prices of all titinaite materials have been reduced since they're more plentiful now.

  • Most enemies from Ariandel will drop more souls.

  • Investing into Vigor past 50 grants more HP than before.

The mod is for the Regulation 1.35 APP Version 1.15 of the game, with both Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City DLCs.

1Go to DS3 Mod Engine's page and download it. Open the archive and put the files 'dinput8.dll' and 'modengine.ini' into the folder named 'Game' which is inside Dark Souls 3's main directory.
2. After that, open 'modengine.ini' and find the line modOverrideDirectory= and after the equal sign type this: "\Darker Souls"    - be sure to type it together with the quotes. The entire line must look like this: modOverrideDirectory="\Darker Souls"
3. Mod Engine will make sure you won't get banned when using Dark Souls 3 mods.
4. Then, extract the contents of my mod's archive into the main folder of the game.

Starting a new character with my mod installed is required for things to function properly. Not doing so may cause issues with the mod that I won't be able to troubleshoot. I am not to be held responsible for related problems if you'll not follow this step, and you'll be on your own.

Starting as depraved highly recommended.
If you're getting the "Failed to save game. Save data is corrupt." error, follow these steps:

1. Backup your saves folder in C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\DarkSoulsIII
2. Install the Champion's Ashes mod and create a new save with it installed.
3. Uninstall Champion's Ashes, but *KEEP* the save you've created with it installed.
4. Install my mod, and on the save you've previously made with Champion's Ashes, create a *NEW* character with my mod installed and play.

4b. If it is still not working, a nexus user reported that setting blockNetworkAccess=1 to 0 and useAlternateSaveFile=1 to 0 in modengine.ini worked for him. However, I do not fully understand how the game is sending data to the official servers. Thus, setting those lines to FALSE (0) can be risky, and I do not endorse it. If you choose to do so, be sure to do it in offline mode at least. I am not to be held responsible if you do this and get banned.

I have no idea why some people get this error, as I, obviously, haven't edited anything else other than 'Data0.bdt'.
To "uninstall" the mod, simply delete the 'Darker Souls' folder inside 'Game'. If you don't need the mod engine files for other mods, delete those too.

I personally like playing the game with a self imposed rule that says I can upgrade weapons by only one '+' every 10 levels/20 levels for unique weapons and shields.

What I mean by that is: +1 at level 10+2 at level 20+3 at level 30 and so on up to +10 at level 100, while for unique weapons and shields I upgrade only every 20 levels.

This way you will be able to keep most weapons that you find upgraded to the same reinforcement level at all times, and you will be able to play with any of them whenever you need it/feel like it.

It is pretty fun, and it makes the game a lot more challenging, and leveling up feels much more rewarding. I personally can't imagine myself playing the game any other way now.

Uploading this mod to other websites is not allowed.

Labeling this mod as your own and reuploading it isn't permitted 

You are not allowed to upload this mod as a translation fix.

Not having fun while playing with this mod is not allowed.

Thanks to

TKGP for creating Yapped - a tool without which this mod could not have happened.
katalash for creating DS3 Mod Engine.
Xylozi for sharing some of his knowledge of Yapped on the Yapped forum.
Everyone who contributed to the making of the Dark Souls 3 Master Spreadsheet.
Awsome12321 for discovering the workaround for the 'Failed to save game. Save data is corrupt.' error.
My former employer for being such a nice guy letting me stay home and work on this project, for an indefinite period.

ith love, Cyclo