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This is a big package of equipments for your Good Hoonters to prepare on venturing Holy Mighty Lothric. Gear up and let the hunt begin.
Package had some Bloodborne Attires, Bloodborne Dash Style and Bloodborne Gun Parry. Enjoy~

Permissions and credits
This package's holding 8 sets that supports all kind of fashion as you Hoonters pleased:
1. Yharnam Hunter Attire -> Sellsword Set
2. Gascoigne Attire -> Drang Set
3. Crowfeather Attire -> Sunless Set
4. Choir Attire -> Elite Knight Set
5. Executioner Attire -> Alva Set
6. Cainhurst Armor -> Vinhelm Set
7. Yahar'gul Attire -> Exile Set
8. Beast Constable (Mixed) -> Pyromancer Set

Take them all. And show the enemies what you was made for, Hoonters.

Install and Unistall
1. Install and configure Mod Engine (https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/332) and do what u need to do.
2. Back up the ORIGINAL "parts", "mtd", "chr", etc.. folders. (Optional)
3. Copy the "parts", "chr", "mtd", etc... folders inside the zip file and put them in your mod directory (ex: ...\DARK SOULS III\Game\mod\...)
4. Use any set u want to replace from the "BB Attires" folder and bring all files inside it to the "parts" folder.
5. To remove the mod, delete the modified folders in your game directory. Which ofc are "parts", "mtd" and  "chr", etc...

Some Issues
This is my first mod anyway. So u lads shouldn't expect high result from me.
1. Models were edited directly so they couldn't have ultimate texture qualities.
2. Some spots on the cloths will get crossed by other pieces since the cloth itself doesn't have a proper physic. But I have minimized it as low as possible so don't worry about them too much.
3. Another lucky that some sets will support physic capes, which were original pieces from DS3 Amours so they will be set as Gauntles while the Mod Set''s Gloves will be attracted to the Chest pieces.
4. Model got little physic screwed when do some actions. Little, I guess.
Except all of those, I'm sure these cloths gonna fit u as hell so just put them on and get in the game, Hoonters!

To other Modding lads: Feel free to modify and improve this mod as you pleased. I'm looking forward you next products. Really.
To all Souls-game lads: Hope you lads enjoy the mod. And if u like it, don't be hesitated and share this mod to u friends and others. A video playthought about this mod and other BB mods combined will be much appreciated.

The mod contained BB dash mod and BB gun parry. But NOT the weapons, so u gonna need additional mods for the full joy on the hunt. 
Nevermind, I'm just gonna share those links right here:
1. Hunter's Combat (made by forsakensilver): https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/498/
2. Bloodborne Weapons (made by MaxTheMiracle): https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/498/

Special thanks to all Old Hoonters:
forsakensilver for Flver Editor and his Hunter's Combat achievements, which made my motivation for this work.
Dropoff, Lenox548 and foxyhooligans for their "ez but not cheezy" plus useful lessons, tips.
Anonim01 for being my LOVELY lad and help me a lot with the textures.
Itzli for The Bloodborne Dash Mod.
TKGP for the Souls Formats library.
Meowmaritus for DS Anim Studio.

Also, a big thanks to FromSoftware for their great game assets. And the game itself.
Another thanks to Sony Entertainment for made Bloodborne step up to the top of glory but also SCREWED them.