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  • Frenzy status effect and enemy list

    Frenzy is a new debuff which can be nightmare to player. Based on Curse.


    30% damage reduction and when frenzy proc, you receive -60% damage.
    Duration 20 sec after hit.

    Cure / Prevention:

    Luck stat increase defence againts curse / frenzy, some armors, rings can increase defence too.
    Deep Protection miracle increase defence againts curse.
    Curse Talismans stop Frenzy for 5 sec.

    Enemies and bosses causes Frenzy: 

    Deep Accursed, Wretch, Monstrosity of Sin, Harald Legion Knight, Irillyth slave (mage, crawl type), Elder Ghru red skull spell.
    Deacon of Deep, Aldrich, Oceiros, Midir and Gael (only red skull spell).

  • New sets and weapons

    We added some new items into game, first release have only replacement, because we had lack of knowlages, but we adding new stuff as "new".

    # Sets

    Assasin set replaced by Hunter set (A) created by Forsakensilver.
    It's basic set for Assasin Class.Alva set replaced by Executioner set created by UncleBARD.
    Can be found on place where's Alva set is.Added Cainhurst set created by UncleBARD.
    Ariandel one of Tree Woman.Added No cape version of Hunter set (B) created by Forsakensilver.
    Can be found in Catacombs of Carthus.Added Beast Constalbe set created by UncleBARD.
    Can be found in Profanted Capital.Added Yharnam Hunter set created by UncleBARD.
    Can be found in Lothric Castle.

    # Weapons


  • Ring changes

    Life Ring: Max bonus HP granted increased to 4/8/12/16%.
    Sun Princess Ring: 1 HP regen per 0.375 sec instead of 2 HP per 1 second.
    Knight's Ring: STR bonus increased to +10.
    Hunter's Ring: DEX bonus increased to +10.
    Scholar's Ring: INT bonus increased to +10.
    Priestess Ring: FAT  bonus increased to +10.
    Covetous Gold Serpent Ring: Increased item discovery rates to 50/100/150/200.
    Dusk Crown Ring: No longer has the 15% max HP penalty.
    Wolf Ring: Increased max stamina by 10/15/17/20%.
    Ring of the Evil Eye: 30/42/54/66 HP restored per kill.
    Dragonscale Ring: Increased backstab damage reduction to 50%.
    Horsehoof Ring: Kicks deal 60% more stamina damage.
    Flynn's Ring: 30% bonus attack power when at minimum equip load.

  • Covenants bonuses

    Blue Sentinels: Increased defences by 10%
    Way of Blue: Increased max HP by 10%
    Moud Makers: Increased physical damage by 5% and poise by 5%
    Rosaria's Fingers: Increased physical damage by 10%
    Watchdog of Farron: Decreased weapon stamina usage by 10%
    Warriors of Sunlight: Increased max FP by 45 and increased Lighting damage by 20%
    in exchange for reduced physical damage -15%

    Blade of Darkmoon: Increased max FP by 45 and increased Magic damage by 20%
    in exchange for reduced physical damage -15%

    Aldrich Faithful: Increased max FP by 45 and increased Dark damage by 20%
    in exchange for reduced physical damage -15%

    Spear of the Church: + 3 HP regeneration

  • BB Mod compatibility

    Our mod using only core functions, but not all, because of data0.
    For full experience install specific mods directly from original sites....

  • Removed Spells

    Spell Buffs / blade buffs removed due balance, not all, there's exceptions.


    Great Magic Shield /3 uses
    Pestilent Mist /3  uses
    Hidden Weapon /5  uses
    Hidden Body /5  uses
    Chameleon /3  uses

    Flash Sweat  /3 uses
    Profuse Sweat /3  uses
    Iron Flesh  /3  uses
    Carthus Beacon /3  uses
    Warmth - heal /3  uses


    Med Heal /5  uses
    Tears of Denial /3  uses
    Sacred Oath / 1  uses
    Magic Barrier /3  uses
    Vow of Silence /3  uses
    Deep Protection /3  uses
    Soothing Sunlight /3  uses