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About this mod

This mod lets you manipulate the (Player´s) gravity . Also includes a no falldamage toggle. Requires CET and redscript

Permissions and credits

  • Dowload and install Redscript
  • Download and install CyberEngineTweaks
  • Download the mod
  • Extract the folder into your Cyberpunk 2077 folder (The one containing the /bin and /r6 folder)

What it does:
  • Lets you change the players gravity using a simple slider 
  • Higher value = less gravity -> Float up 
  • Lower value = more gravity -> Smash into the ground
  • Also includes the option to disable any falldamage for safety reasons, because the falldamage is the same no matter what gravity is set 
  • (This is just the way the game calculates falldamage for some reason)

How to use:
  • After installing the mod set your desired keys using CET´s Hotkey tab
  • Use the slider to change the gravity
  • Use the reset button to reset the gravity to its default value
  • Toggle the "No falldamage" box to enable/disable falldamage 

Made possible with the help of the Cyberpunk 2077 Modding Discord community.
Special thanks to jekky for all the help (And also for providing redscript), WilliJL for his help, Ming for his CPStyling lib, aswell as all the talented people behind CET