Cyberpunk 2077

About this mod

Finally, True HDR for Cyberpunk 2077! The Autonomous ReShade is steps ahead of the Corpo-Rat agenda. This is professional Quality and Performance. Enjoy!

Permissions and credits

This ReShade simulates HDR via the "True HDR" method, which first appeared in Unreal Engine 4 games and later in the ENB Series.
It's a software based method, not "Real HDR" meant for HDR monitors. There's a difference, so try not to confuse them with each other.
I used a complex array of effects that work together seamlessly, and it will add very precise depth, color, and visual effects to your game.

To make a long story short, this is not some generic ReShade put together very quickly that uses only a few effects.

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Download and install ReShade v4.7.0 from here (ReShade v4.7.0).

Copy my files from the "Main files" folder to your main Cyberpunk bin/x64 folder.
(Where Cyberpunk2077.exe is located)

Overwrite all files when prompted to do so.

Disable the in-game Film Grain, and leave the in-game HDR disabled.

Play your game! :)

End key to toggle main effects
PageDown key to toggle Depth of Field
Home key to open GUI

Always remove ReShade files from a previous install before installing.

Rename "dxgi.dll" to "d3d12.dll" if your game crashes.

Disable Steam overlay if you have issues.

Disable third-party programs, and seek help in the forums if all else.

Very V Character
(Click on the image to see my settings)

You're also welcome to try my other ReShades!

A Big Thanks to the ReShade v4.7.0 Team!