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Cyberware replacement arms for male and female characters. They have many skins to choose from, for all cyberarms.

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Version 3.9.1:
Tiny bug fix.
- Male right arm claw blades had not been renamed for the Cyberarms patch, so wasn't working properly.
- Removed double shadow from female Gorilla right forearm.

Version 3.9:
Mod now requires the Cyberarms Patch.
- You will be able to choose different Blade skins for male and female characters.
- Male files will not affect female characters anymore, like removed knuckles or modified Mantis blades.

Version 3.8:
Fixed and improved custom decal normal maps, because they were inverted in game.
- Added Aldecaldos and Samurai decals.

Version 3.7:
Remade the decals again for custom decals.
- Added 6th Street, Moxes, Netwatch, Tiger Claws, V, Valentinos, and Wraiths decals.
- Custom decals can use separate decals without conflicts between male and female characters, if you use same arm size on right and left arm.
- Added an optional download with templates and short tutorial to create custom decals.

Version 3.6:
Remade all decals. No new ones yet.
- Decals have been refitted for thin arms and forearms, and all female arm sizes.
- You can use separate male and female decals.
- It is possible to have different decals on left and right arm, but only for male or female, not both. Check the included Readme.
- Added "New Default Steel" and "New Glow Yellow" blades.

Version 3.5.1: Fixed missing black nails.
Version 3.5:
- Added Forearm version for male characters.
- Added Thin version of Mantis Remade, for male and female.
- Fixed normal map on Miscellaneous Gorilla Female Right arms.
- New skins: Arasaka 2 - purple instead of red, Deus Flex 2 - silver instead of gold.


Arasaka Skin Library (aa_ArasakaArms_Skin_) - Has all the skins for the Arasaka Cyberarms. Male and female characters have separate files, install only one skin for each. Every download that replaces arms includes the default Arasaka skin, so this is an optional download.

Default Replacement arms (aa_ArasakaArms_Default_) - Will replace your character's default arms, before they install any cyberarms at the ripper doc. That means the arms will show straight from character creation. They will also replace the right arm when using the Launcher cyberware, preventing it from being one arm only.

Gorilla arms (aa_ArasakaArms_Gorilla_) - Replaces Gorilla Arms cyberware. Has optional versions that only replaces one of the arms, left or right.

Launcher arms (aa_ArasakaArms_Launcher_) - Replaces the Launcher cyberware when your character has it installed. Left arm only.

Monowire arms (aa_ArasakaArms_Monowire_) - Replaces the Monowire cyberware. Will remove nails from the player characters, otherwise the Arasaka arms would have nails.

Mantis Blade (aa_ArasakaArms_Mantis_) - Replaces the Mantis blades cyberware. They have updated mechanisms that better fit the Arasaka Arms. Also removes nails.

Blade Skins library (aa_ArasakaArms_MantisBlade_) - Collection of all different blades and skins. Requires the main Mantis mod (aa_ArasakaArms_Mantis_). Includes Oda's glowing blades and the Psycho version without glow. Will change blades for both male and female characters since they use the same files. Glowing blades can be affected by mods that remove Bloom from the game.

Decals (aa_ArasakaArms_Decals_) - Decals with several brand options, including Arasaka and Militech. They replace and hide the Weapon Grip cyberware that Victor installs at the beginning of the game. Will show on characters even if you have no cyberarm installed. Conflicts with mods that remove the Weapon Grip. There are decals for both arms, and for left or right arm only.

Remove Weapon Grip (aa_RemoveWeaponGrip) - This is an optional file that will hide the hand cyberware that Victor installs at the beginning of the game. If you already have a mod that does this, you don't need this one. Conflicts with the decals.

Miscellaneous Arms (aa_MiscArms_) - A collection of different non-Arasaka arms that can be used separately or together with the main mod. This includes, among others, a few options of normal arms with nails for the Gorilla cyberarms.


Use Vortex mod manager when available, or place the .archive files in the Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod folder.

To uninstall, go to your Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod folder and remove files starting with "aa_ArasakaArms" or "aa_MiscArms".


rfuzzo - CP77 Tools.

alphaZomega - Scripts for 010 Editor and Noesis.

l2ahman - Tutorial on how to remove submeshes.

Wathon - Figuring out how to add custom multilayer file.