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Transfusion is a mod that adds new blood codes and gifts to Code Vein.

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Transfusion is a mod that adds new blood codes and gifts to Code Vein.
After poking around the game files I was able to determine how blood codes and gifts are setup in game.
So I used this knowledge to create my own custom Blood Code and Gifts.
Not to mention it always bugged me that other successors had their own powers
from the Queen and the player seemed to get none outside of cutscenes.

The Goal of Transfusion is to expand upon the build verity of the game as well as add new support to some
of the game mechanic through hopefully balanced and lore friendly gifts and blood codes.

Current Features
4 Blood Code
17 Gifts

Due to game limitations new Blood codes are unlocked after certain events instead of
restoring memories for picking up cores.

Queen's Blood

STR: C  DEX: C+  MND: B+  WIL: B+ VIT: D+  FOR: C
Acquired in the players memory after defeating the Queen.


STR: A+  DEX: C+  MND: C  WIL: A VIT: B+  FOR: B
Acquired after defeating Juzo Mido.

Queen's Heart

STR: D  DEX: D+  MND: B  WIL: B  VIT: A  FOR: C+
Acquired from picking up Karen's vestige core.

Queen's Brain

STR: C  DEX: C  MND: A  WIL: B+  VIT: D  FOR: D+
Acquired after defeating the Virgin Born

Transfusion contains a number of gifts to change up playstyles or make new ones.
The new Gifts are all acquired through the new Blood codes leaving the vanilla ones untouched.

 Stat+ Gifts 

Increases a single stat by a whole step instead of half a step at the cost of max HP

 Inhibit Tree 
Restores the cut Inhibit skills that finalize the whole cycle like slow, stun, ect.

  Active Attacks 
New magic attacks to deal damage to your enemies

 Unique Powerups 
Mix up builds, power up existing one, or even make new ways to play
with unique powerup gifts

Automatic (Recommend)
Download the file with Vortex, install it, sort the load order if needed, and then hit Deploy
Extract the Zip and copy the .pak file into your "~mods" folder,
found in "..\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks\~mods", if that folder doesn't exist just create one yourself

Uninstalling standalone mods mid game while your character is using them my cause issues. Using the mod online may also cause issues.
Always remember to make a backup save and or play offline whenever possible.

Using this mod in multiple where one person does not have to mod WILL cause issues for both players and is not recommended.

Feel free to support me on Patreon or directly through PayPal.
Follow me on Twitter for semi regular updates whenever I remember to post.
Having issues with one of my mods? Join the Code Vein modding Discord:, I'm more likely to see and respond there.

Transfusion is built off the IV Drip which provided a major boost in setting up the Extensions code base

Please check out my works in Code Vein by clicking one of the images