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Adds a playable Cruz hair and a short version.

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Playable Cruz Hair Styles
Standalone and Replacer Versions

Replaces 2 of the Hair styles with Cruz's Hair and a custom Short hair version of Cruz's hair. I was never really happy with the hair styles in the game but Cruz's really stood out to me. Browsing the nexus I found only one mod that made her hair playable but it had some weight issues which caused it to move in weird ways. So I decided to make my own version as well as a short hair version.

↓ Replaces these hair styles ↓

or add them as standalone hair styles

Automatic (Recommend)
Download the file with Vortex, install it, sort the load order if needed, and then hit Deploy
Extract the Zip and copy the .pak file into your "~mods" folder,
found in "..\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks\~mods", if that folder doesn't exist just create one yourself

Uninstalling standalone mods mid game while your character is using them my cause issues. Using the mod online may also cause issues.
Always remember to make a backup save and or play offline whenever possible.

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