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About this mod

IV Drip is a ready to go Unreal Engine 4.18.3 project set up to enable easy modding of Shift's Code Vein (published by Bandai Namco). It includes preliminary setup allowing for modding most aspects of the game to a significant (although not complete) degree.

Permissions and credits
Whilst it allows the user to mostly skip setup specific to Code Vein, knowledge of UE4 is still required.
Package includes preliminary setup consisting of replicated project settings to reflect Code Vein’s action inputs, navigation mesh settings, engine plugins and proprietary native „Extensions” layer, enabling for easy creation of all sorts of mod types with little to none setup required.
Simplified list of features:
  • Level creation (new custom maps with working navmesh, spawning existing game actors, etc.)
  • Audio modding (working wwise integration with sample mod and project)
  • Mesh/Texture swaps
  • UI
  • Interfacing with game logic (killing player, setting health, giving exp, setting buddy, readding name/codename, etc.)

Epic Launcher and base UE 4.18.3 installation is still required.
Source code is provided for entire project, including the dummied Extensions system.

Last but not least, basic documentation is provided in included .pdf file.