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The Borderlands Hex Multitool allows you to conveniently apply various Hexedits to your exe-file (BL2 and TPS).

Permissions and credits
There's a webapp-beta of this now aswell.
You can try it here:
As it says on that page - you'd have to manually set a ConsoleKey if you decide to use it.
IF you decide to use it, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know how and if it worked, as I currently do not know about anyone that has used it! :)

  • Enable/Disable Console/Set-Command-Patch
  • Customize Console-Key
  • Patch Max. Currencies: Money
    • BL2 specific: Eridium, Torgue and Seraph
    • TPS specific: Moonstone
  • Maximum Level: ~92 (90 since the Lilith DLC Update)
  • Backpackspace: ~255
  • Vaultspace : ~42
  • Array-Limit-Patch (see FAQ for more info)
  • Disable/Enable Sanity Checks
  • Adding CustomPatches via. Textfiles

Q: What is the Spacetrigger?
A: The default is 39. This means, once you buy the last backpack SDU, and therefore reaching 39 backpackslots, that's the point where you'll have the chosen Max Slots instead.
   Meaning - if you choose 24 as a Spacetrigger, you'll get your chosen Max Slots once your purchased SDUs would get you 24 slots. Then 24 will be the point where you'll have your chosen slots at.
   Note: Lowering the Spacetrigger from 39 will most likely increase your Slots --TEMPORARILY-- when purchasing another backpack SDU. So these extra-slots will be gone after reopening the game.

Q: What is the Array-Limit?
A: This is usually not needed. However, people that come across this limit now have an automatic way of patching. 
   Example here:

Q: Can I patch my game to level higher than 92 (90) aswell?
A: Yes. You can right click on the box where you enter your desired max level to "Unlock" it, up to 255.
   At the time of the release of the v1.12 version these are these known issues:
   - Usually there is no Loot anymore (neither Ammo/Grenades in Boxes, Vendors or anywhere else)
   - Your game will most likely crash when saving/loading the game (if not at 93, it definitely does pretty much everytime beyond 100)
   - The rule of thumb seems to be Max Level + OP levels => less than or equal 100 => No issues.

Q: My Paths are not saving, what should I do?
A: Go to "%localappdata%\BorderlandsHexMultitool" and delete the subfolders, then try again!
   If that also doesn't solve your problem, try running the tool as administrator. Should that also not work, please contact me!

Q: I don't see any checkmarks, no matter what I do. Any idea?
A: Disable any custom windows themes and try again. That should fix it!

Q: BabyRage ?
A: BabyRage indeed BabyRage

Used NuGet Packages/Assemblies:
- Caliburn.Micro
- Costura.Fody
- Extended.Wpf.Toolkit
- Fody
- Ini.Net