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Looking for an unofficial patch without any bullshit or balance changes? Look no further.

Permissions and credits
Vanilla Enhanced
This patch intends to fix minor bugs in Borderlands 2, as well as add some QoL changes, fixes and reskins without affecting balance or gameplay. 

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  • Automatically pickup Eridium, Seraph Crystals and Torgue Tokens
  • Disables Cutscenes
  • Removes the weird Fast Travel Portal
  • Tracks Weapons Skills (eg. Grog Nozzle's drunk effect) above the XP bar
  • Adds higher rarity weapons to the loading screens and removes trash ones
  • Makes the red flavor text on unique gear consistent
  • Rarity Color Fix
  • Fix Krieg's Salt the Wound and Elemental Elation skills overlapping
  • Fix Salvador's Money Shot description
  • Fix Axton's Pressure description
  • Fix the skin for purple E-Tech rocket launchers
  • Fix Deadly Bloom's skin
  • Fix Love Thumper's skin
  • Fix Sheriff's Badge's description
  • Fix the typo on "Grounded" shields
  • Fix some of Axton's COMs not boosting skills as intended
  • Brings back Krieg's Raving Retribution ranting
  • Includes all UCP reskins
  • Remove "Permaslag"

Optional Changes (can be enabled with BLCMM in the file):
  • Auto Picker Upper
  • Auto Trash / Favorite Items
  • BL2 Container TimeSaver XL
  • BL2 Fast Travel TimeSaver XL
  • Catapult Technical First
  • Customizable Player Audio Muter
  • Double Quest Rewards
  • Enemy Name Fixer
  • Fast Travel - Bank - Stash - Quick Change From Anywhere
  • Faster Digi Peak Spawns
  • Faster Vehicle Animations
  • Fix Hyperius Gate Glitch
  • Fix Loot Drops in Angel Room
  • Fix Sage and Orchid Endgame Chests
  • Fix Salvador's offhand not benefiting from his skills
  • Fox some Badass Enemies not having the Badass Enemy Pool
  • Fuck Reload Messages
  • Honest Fibbers
  • Less Blinding Damage Popups
  • Less Cluttering Particles
  • Less Silence the Voices blind
  • Manufacturer Sorted Vending Machines
  • No Damage Numbers
  • No Spawn Limit
  • Pangolin Battery Visual Remover
  • Player HUD Element Remover
  • Refill Ammo with one purchase
  • Remove Crit Prefix from Carnage / E-tech Shotguns
  • Respawning Enemies And Allies
  • Respawning Loot
  • Uncapped Pause / Main Menu Settings
  • Weapon View Offset

All credit goes to the mod authors: Aaron0000, Apocalyptech, Dave, Elysium, Gronp, Freya, FromDarkHell, Hemaxhu, Kazy, Mike, OB4M4

UCP Credits:
55tumbl, Aaron0000, Adudney, AngrierPat, apocalyptech, B33PB00PJOE, Dave Rabbit, empireScum,
Ethel, FromDarkHell, Hydrattler, Jim Raven, Kazy, Kumakobi, laxlife, LightChaosman, MegaCyber,
Mike (Soze), mopioid, Orudeon, SentySent, SirUmnei, Sommer, the_Nocturni, Zububu

If you see one of your mods in this modpack without permission please contact me! I made an effort to contact and ask every named person for permission but I could have always missed one or two people.

Full BLCMM support! Save to enable/disable modules mid-playthrough. Just restart the game inbetween changes.

Incompatible with:
Probably nothing lol. Should probably load this patch after the UCP if you decide to use both at the same time for whatever reason.

Shadow's short review:

Installation works the same way as most Borderlands 2 mods, please refer to Shadow's Video on how to setup mods with BLCMM / Hex Multitool: