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Pushing the graphical boundaries to the maximum with Borderlands 2 !

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Description of the Reshade:
Over the months, this ReShade has grown and taken shape to do a lot more than just lightly improving a few things. Going from changing just a few color pallets to replacing some major components of the lighting system. 

Currently I've created 2 types of presets. One is heavier and thus slightly more difficult to install (3.5) While the other one is much lighter and easier to install.
They have their own perks, cons and pros. So it is up to you to pick which one you would you try out. Below you can find out more about the differences and the features both of these versions provide. 

This is the most comprehensive and technical ReShade preset for BL2 to date. 

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Thanks ! 

Features of version 4.0
[improves upon vanilla]
~ Improvement to older shaders
~ Super performance friendly 
~ Improved light output of all sources
~ Fully utilizes the 4K texture DLC by gearbox
~ Changes the some colors and improves the color output 
~ Provides various bug fixes to vanilla game and their shaders
~ Has SMAA to replace FXAA

Features of version 3.5 
[Replaces vanilla]
~ Improved lighting quality
~ Improved in game shadows
~ Slightly more vibrant colors
~ Brighter colors and light sources
~ Replacement of old and low grade shaders
~ Textures have better detail to them
~ Implemented light output on guns and all other light sources
~ Added better anti-aliasing
~ Maps produce color much better
~ Various techniques to mimic SSAO
~ Various vanilla graphical and visual bug fixes

~ Please use in game brightness to change how dark you want your game to be ! 
Those who want to run the best PhysX, consider reading through this post

Installation 4.0
Installation 3.5 

Known issues:
- Green color in the rainbow of one map may look dull and darkened. This is due to a color shift in neo blue and blue to be create aqua blue instead. However this mostly doesn't affect most greens in game. [present only in 4.0]

- The 3.5 version might have a bit over saturation or feel too colorful. Might fix it one day.

If you encounter anything else, let me know ! 

My work:
Borderlands 2 here
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel here
Borderlands GOTY here 
Dying light here

Gearbox Software (for releasing the game)
ReShade (For existing and making projects like this become alive)
Random people for their input (Thanks ! <3)
All of the creators of shaders that I'm using in this preset 
Me (*high fives myself*)