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A linear map based on The Outer Rim mod. Features automatically spawning enemies and weapons that must be found in the map as you progress.

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A linear adventure map based on The Outer Rim, built around fighting Stormtroopers through the halls of an Imperial Ship. Start with nothing and find gear along the way as enemies automatically spawn while you progress through the map.
  • Linear map with a beginning and ending.
  • Automatically triggered enemy waves.
  • Start with nothing. Potions and weapons found in the map.
  • FPS style gameplay. Lots of blaster enemies! Use cover to avoid damage or master the ways of the lightsaber, if you can find one.
  • A special easter egg weapon.


  • The Outer Rim (REQUIRED)
  • Adds all required gear to the game, including lightsabers and blasters.
  • Oli's Map Scripts (REQUIRED)
  • Support for maps that need more complex scripting like automatically spawning enemies.
  • Bone Holsters (Optional)
  • Allows you to wear armor and attach items to your character. Required for Stormtroopers.
  • Stormtroopers (Optional)
  • Adds Stormtrooper armor and enemies to the game. If not installed, regular Imperial dudes from The Outer Rim will appear.
  • Custom NPC Voices Framework (Optional)
  • Optional for Stormtroopers to have custom voice lines, and other voice line mods.
  • Knight Training (Optional)
  • Gameplay adjustment mod, making it FAR easier to deflect blaster bolts back at enemies among a ton of other things.
  • Dark Chains
  • Dark Chains causes issues with custom maps and general and you will likely experience crashes on this map while Dark Chains is installed.