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About this mod

Disclaimer: This mod is currently only compatible with the U9 version of the game. It might get updated later in the future.

This mod provides a framework for installing and creating custom NPC voice packs.

Permissions and credits
Note: The framework itself does not come included with any voice packs.

Here is a list of currently available voice packs (not all have been updated to U9):
NPC Voicepack Overhaul Sample (by mpe3us)
- Escape from Tarkov Voicepack (by Maxthewicked100)
- Mordhau Voicelines (by Toasty)
Star Wars The Force Unleashed Stormtrooper Voicepack (by Soklay)
Jazzy's Lego Star Wars Voicepack (by Jazzy)
Persona 5 Voicepack (by Jome)
Battlefront 2 (2017) Clone Troopers Voicepack (By Roogh)
- Oblivion NPC voice pack (Unknown author)
- Skyrim NPC Dialogue Pack (by EGirlEnthusiast)
- Only Lego Yoda Death Sounds (by EGirlEnthusiast)
- Star Wars Rebel Alliance Voicepack (by Soklay)
- Reborn Dark Jedi Voicepack (by LebaneseChewbacca)
- DualZero00's Mememachine (by DualZero00)
- Tourettes Guy Voice Pack (by Sanity Punk)
- Demonic Voicepack (by BADCA7)
- Scientist Voicepack (by BeeSpeedWay)
- Kermit Voicepack (by ZaWiser)
- Tavion Axmis Soundpack (by LebaneseChewbacca)
- Samuel L Jackson Voice Pack (by 0Lyth0)
- Dremora Lord Voicepack (by Large)
- Herbert Voice Pack (by MilkyCannon)
- Homer Simpson Voice Pack (by Lazyluna678)
The Simpsons Mega Voice Pack (by Lazyluna678)
- TF2VL - Demoman Edition (by TheRealMed)
- TF2VL - The classes and clashes edition (by TheRealMed)

Other mods utilizing the framework (not all have been updated to U9):
- Stormtroopers (by mpe3us)
- Star Wars Hero Fights (by apct17)
- Darth Vader (by Alesha)
- Skeletons (by mpe3us)
- B1 Battle Droids (by mpe3us)
- CyberMech (by DukeGoliath)
- Predator (by DukeGoliath)

- Replacement of default NPC voice events (attack, hit, death and falling sounds)
- New voice events:
  (1) Taunt: Voice lines which randomly trigger
  (2) Friendly Death: Voice lines which trigger upon a friendly NPC dying
  (3) Grab: Voice lines which trigger upon grabbing the NPC
  (4) Telegrab: Voice lines which trigger upon using telekinesis on NPCs with the gravity spell
- Options for replacing voices for specific NPCs or all NPCs
- Multiple voice packs can be installed at the same time even when targeting the same NPC(s). The voice packs simply gets added to the pool of possible voices for the given NPC.

Guide on how to create voice packs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FnPyyFduqNDWCRw2wrThCZU6b3IYkM-VdUtlJYkQ-FU/edit?usp=sharing

The mod includes a settings file for various tweaks (Level_Settings.json in the mod folder):
- "tauntActivationRange": Determines the min-max time in between taunts.
- "friendlyDeathActivationRange": Determines the min-max delay before triggering a 'friendly death' voice line upon a friendly NPC death.