Blade & Sorcery
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Adds unarmed enemy waves and overhauls unarmed combat. Bigger grab radius on enemies, alternate punching effects, improved grabbing/throwing and more.

Permissions and credits
Unintrusive changes that improve the unarmed combat experience in all aspects.
Compatible with other overhaul mods like Ragdoll Physics Overhaul and Injury Reborn.Unarmed enemy waves
Unarmed mob waves and unarmed duel waves with different difficulties.
Bigger Grab Radius
Easier to grab body parts on enemies.
Alternate Damage
Much more damaging kicks and slightly stronger punches.
Alternate Effects
Blood decals show up on enemy flesh when kicked or punched. More realistic sound when making contact with flesh.
Easier Throwing
Enemies can be grabbed and thrown from any body part by lifting them upwards.
Also, if you didn't know, enemies can be thrown in the vanilla game by grabbing an enemy, making a quick motion and then letting go.

Map seen in icon: Canyon of Thorns