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This adds an entire Injury System to the game, a long with bleed mechanics, Stamina mechanics, and a lot of other things. All customizable to your liking.

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//Legs: results in limited mobility on one broken. Two broken results in the inability to stand anymore. A single broken leg will make the person walk a lot slower and drag that leg a little bit. Two will result in them completely unable to walk at all, laying on the floor and begging to be put out of their mercy.

Skull: Decreases all stamina, excluding walking speed for stamina. Randomly can result in them to lose balance and trip. Prevents magic from being used. Prevents health regeneration and stamina regeneration, stamina gets set to 20%, so they're very, very slow.

//Arms: Can no longer pick up weapons. (The only bad part about arm injuries is there is no way of knowing it's being applied excluding actual pickup.)

Neck: If cut even the tiniest bit, will result in blood pouring from the neck. Causes heavy health drain per second and typically results in death in about 4-7 seconds after the slit. If a large cut, or a large stab happens at the base of the neck... The head comes completely off.

// = out for the time being.


Bleed out: Allows the ability to bleed people to death by getting a strong enough slash or stab to make them begin to lose HP slowly, which ultimately ends with them dying. Bleed outs can be applied in three different areas. Neck, Torso, and Head. Limbs will not be effected.

Stamina: Adds a Stamina system to the game. Taking damage makes the target lose stamina. Stamina makes up animation speeds. Stamina and health are linked.

Lift: Allows you to lift the enemy from any point on their bodies. (Top of the head, Shoulders, Arms, Legs, and Neck.)

Health: Increases health from 50 up to 500. Injuries make this a lot better, and a lot more plausible of a change.

//Enhanced Draw cuts: You can saw off peoples heads if you go back and forth on the neck for a second with a bladed weapon.

// = out for the time being.

Slight brains change: Makes enemies not leave mid fight. That was annoying as hell.

*Other random information:

The "goal" of this mod: This just makes the combat feel a lot nicer, someone you stab, smash, and throw should not get back up and walk back towards you like nothing happened, they should be a lot slower, more sluggish, and have broken limbs. This mod achieves that. So, if you see something that doesn't seem to be that case, let me know.

Customization: Everything within the files is customizable. From the ability to disable certain injuries, to change the bleed out damage. Turning off stamina, turning off health, and health regeneration + stamina regeneration. All of it is toggle-able within the file called "Level_Master". If you want to make this as custom to your liking as possible, GO THERE. The only thing that isn't toggle-able is the ability to lift from any point (That's just a general enhancement though, if you don't like it, don't use it.)

Suggestions: I TAKE SUGGESTIONS. PLEASE, DO LEAVE SUGGESTIONS! I love reading them, and I love adding them. There is about 57 some different parts I can make breakable, and so far I've only done about 15. So if you can, let me know what else should be added and what it would do upon being broken/smashed!

New systems: If you want a new system, that's another thing for suggestions. Let me know.

Beta testing: I'll literally let you beta test newer versions of this, and my next upcoming mods. All you have to do is go into the blade & sorcery discord and "@eyya let me beta test!" in the "#modding-discussion". I'll be happy to let you test newer things for me, I'm always in need of beta testers :)

1.2 change-log -----------------------------------

Bloodlust mode added:Upon dealing a lot of damage within any given time period (changeable in config) will activate Blood-Lust. Blood lust makes your character run faster, heal on every kill you get, gain mana, and handle your weapons easier. Blood lust lasts 10 seconds, but per kill gains +2 seconds to the timer, you gain 3 HP, and 10 mana. Upon blood lust deactivating, you lose your speed buffs. Activate blood lust again to get it back. (Blades activate blood lust easier than blunt, but blunt can still activate it. It's easiest to throw someone off a cliff to get blood-lust, or throw them into a wall really hard.)

Fixed AI issues. Gosh damn I figured it out, I left some stupid stuff in there that was a test on accident, I apologize.

Made blunt a lot stronger than it was before. HP is still 500. Blades still are awesome, blunt is just also awesome now.

Upon getting hard hits, or kills, time now slows down for 1 second exactly. It really makes the game feel cinematic, and made my play experience 10x better.

Enemies no longer despawn mid fight. That was also pretty dumb, and something that happened quite frequently, I found the source and it has been fixed.

Stamina system has been completely reworked. Everything is changed within it, and it's no longer making the enemies too overpowered.

Honestly, this mod just got 20x better overall, and everything about this update fixed literally all bugs I've seen in the previous version people didn't like, and this also adds so many things that are nice.

Oh yeah, big change: Completely removed ALL injuries excluding bleeds. They will be re-added in 1.3 with fixed functionality, and less errors/bugs. Also a way to know someone has a broken limb, hopefully.