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This adds an entire Injury System to the game, a long with bleed mechanics, Stamina mechanics, and a lot of other things. All customizable to your liking.

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Before going into this, update 1.4 has fixed all bugs that I've seen. Here is a nice demonstration video, please watch this before anything else:


1.5 added "stacks" to Injury Reborn. Stacks will make these injuries start not so bad, but the more damage accumulating, the more the injury will show and effect the injured. You can edit the maximum amount of stacks in the "Level_Master" within the folder.

High stacks legs: High stacks broken leg, the person inflicted will limp around with decreased mobility, and it's easier to trip and fall with a broken leg. With two broken legs, you're incapable of walking at all. With a low stacks of broken legs, their will be a slight limp. The more damage dealt, the more it will turn into medium stacks, into high stacks.

Skull: Trips (in seconds) based on configuration in the level master. Each time they trip, a seizure will occur that allows the player to get an easy kill. The higher the stacks, the faster they trip, and the more powerful the seizure that occurs along with how long it lasts..

Arms: With high stacks of broken arms, arms will be entirely limp and numb, and will not work. Lower stacks will have semi-limp arms, resulting in less accuracy and softer hits, a long with a noodley arm with both high and low stacks.

Neck: Neck breaking (not to be confused with snapping, hands can not break the neck itself, it has to be blunt trauma.), upon the head or neck being hit very hard with blunt (head requiring a fine angle) will result in the neck being snapped, and able to do 180~ full around (and an instant kill).

Spine: hitting someone's spinal cord with a attack strong enough will result in them becoming paralyzed from the waist down. They can not move their legs, and as a result will just kind of chill on the floor until you decide to kill them. (Spine is around the lower back for some reason, instead of a line going straight down the back, although I could be wrong.) You can also register a spinal cord injury from the front if you stab them through ~the center of the stomach.

Broken/Slashed Larynx: Without a working larynx, you won't be able to breathe, and will have to focus all of your strength on not suffocating. Normal symptoms include: Falling over and choking to death on your own blood.


Bleed out: Allows the ability to bleed people to death by getting a slash or stab on them. Bleeds can stack, the more stacks, the more the damage is added onto it, and the more damage it does per stack. (DamageOfAttack(s)(includes previous attacks) + (StackCount * (bleed multiplier)) = Damage Over Time (DoT) of Bleed (per second) till death.

Stamina: Adds a Stamina system to the game. Health and stamina are linked, the lower the stamina/health the lower the animation speeds and walking speed of the enemy are. The more injured, the more their fighting resembles it. Stamina is just a nice way of knowing if you're fighting a enemy that's very high HP, or very low HP.

Slowdeath: Slows an enemy down (by your config in the level_master) if they have a death animation, and will result in them becoming slow enough for you to do whatever you want to do with them while they're animation takes far longer to complete. If this is disabled, they will return to normal animation speed on death and go through their default animation(s) at normal speed.

Lift: Allows you to lift the enemy from any point on their bodies. (Top of the head, Shoulders, Arms, Legs, and Neck.)

Health: Increases health from 50 up to 500. Injuries make this a lot better, and a lot more plausible of a change. Within the Level_Master, you can add a % based regeneration to NPC and player. (5 = 5% maxHP per second) (100 = 100% maxHP per second)

Despawn System: There is a custom despawn system which will alter the base games despawning system, but shouldn't cause issues. Which is now customizable in the time it takes to despawn a body, can help with FPS if low.

Slight brains change: Makes enemies not leave mid fight. That was annoying as hell.

*Other random information:

The "goal" of this mod: This just makes the combat feel a lot nicer, someone you stab, smash, and throw should not get back up and walk back towards you like nothing happened, they should be a lot slower, more sluggish, and have broken limbs. This mod achieves that. So, if you see something that doesn't seem to be that case, let me know.

Customization: Everything within the files is customizable:

"braindeadInjury": true to allow instant kill head/neck stabs (true default) "bleedingoutAllowed": enables / disables the bleeding function. (true default)

"concussionAllowed": true for letting concussions apply. (true default)

"slowDeaths": true to make enemies slow down when they die, allowing cool executions. (true default)

"legInjuries": true to enable leg injuries. (true default)

"armInjuries": true to enable arm injuries. (true default)

"breakableNecks": true to enable breakable necks. (true default)

"spineParalysis": true to enable breaking spinal cords for paralysis from the waist down. (true default)

"legBreakDamage": damage required to break legs. (5 default)

"armBreakDamage": damage required to break arms. (5 default)

"neckBreakDamage": damage required to break necks. (25 default)

"damageToParalyze": damage requirement done to spine to break it. (10 default)

"concussionSkullBreakDamage": the damage required to give someone a concussion. (8 default)

"minStamina": the minimum stamina, 1 = 100% (stamina is disabled), 0.2 would be 20%, being down to 20% animation speeds. 0.25 would be 25%, so on. (0.4 default)

"bleedMult": this will increase the damage on bleed. 1.7 is default, and is
the best number I see fit.(1.7 default)

"slowDeathSpeed": 0.2 is best for this, but it will change the speed if slow deaths are enabled to be more fitting for the speed you want. 0.2 is slow enough for a cool execution before they fall over. (0.2 default)

"secondsBetweenConcussionTrips": time in seconds before tripping and having a seizure. (10 default)

Suggestions: I TAKE SUGGESTIONS. PLEASE, DO LEAVE SUGGESTIONS! I love reading them, and I love adding them. There is about 57 some different parts I can make breakable, and so far I've only done about 30. So if you can, let me know what else should be added and what it would do upon being broken/smashed!

Beta testing: I'll let you beta test newer versions of this, and my next upcoming mods. All you have to do is go into the blade & sorcery discord and "@eyya let me beta test!" in the "#modding-discussion". I'll be happy to let you test newer things for me, I'm in need of beta testers at times :)