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A spacious canyon map with narrow bridges and a spiky pit of death.

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An abandoned catacomb built into a canon-side.

  • Hand built specifically for B&S, based loosely on the vanilla canyon map.
  • Spacious map good for mobility, climbing and ranged combat, as well as group fights. About the same general size as the vanilla Canyon.
  • Custom spike hazards that let you horrifically impale enemies.
  • Interactable physics barrels and boxes placed around the map.
  • All vanilla waves are included in this map.
  • Walk through black-fog doorways to teleport to the other side of the map.

Massive thanks to ToasterMuffin for help with lighting.
Special thanks to Leytra for reminding me about making spikes.
  • Dark Souls III Soundtrack - Champion's Gravetender & Greatwolf (Ashes of Ariandel)
  • Demon's Souls Soundtrack - "Tales of Old"