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A MegaPack of 300+ realistic weapons of various Medieval European origin (and beyond) that NPCs can spawn with.

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  • Japanese

A MegaPack of 100+ 200+ 300+ realistic weapons of various Medieval European origin (and beyond) that NPCs can spawn with (including dungeons). There is a staggering variety of weapons with unique functionality, and they have all been meticulously crafted with as much detail as possible with the idea in mind that each one can be anyone's favorite weapon.

Massive thanks to all who have donated. Funds are occasionally used for new weapon packs.

  • Every weapon has been crafted with respect to how it is used in real life, including custom grip points, item descriptions and specialized damage properties.
  • Custom Categories are included to keep these weapons easy to look through and separate from vanilla weapons and other mods.
  • NPCS are given most one handed weapons of general European origin.
New damage properties have been added to give each weapon a unique feel. This extends beyond category and can be unique to the weapon itself. Try them all to see for yourself, but here are a few examples:
  • One handed and two handed maces have dramatically higher base damage from vanilla and are capable of one and two hit kills.
  • Arrows are far better at piercing and dealing damage to enemies.
  • Axes can pierce chainmail and deal much more damage, usually able to kill in one hit to the head.
  • Single Edged weapons are slightly better at dismembering and easier to cut with, but are slightly more difficult to pierce with.
  • Piercing and thrusting weapons range between easier to pierce with, to insanely easy to pierce with, however, some thrusting weapons can't interrupt enemy attacks or cause enemies to recoil.
  • Handle damage is better on weapons that have heavy looking handles, making mordhau grip more viable against armored enemies.
  • War picks and specialized spikes are able to penetrate plate armor and helmets with enough force.
  • In U11, enemies will be knocked off their feet from massive weaponry bigger than a greatsword, like the Bearing Sword, Kanasaibo, Log, ect.
  • In U11, enemies will be knocked unconscious by small and/or wooden weapons, like the blackjack, caestus, blunt arrows, rolling pin, pan, bo staff, and more.
As of U9, export the contents of the zip into: 
\steamapps\common\Blade & Sorcery\BladeAndSorcery_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods

The mod folder should be named "Medieval MegaPack" and if it has any other name, it has been installed incorrectly and it will not work.
-The level select map doesn't work/is blank
      Reload the home map until it starts working again. This issue has no known cause otherwise I would fix it myself but seems to be caused by large mods.
-Question marks appear or the mod doesn't appear to work
      Ensure the mod is properly installed. Verify you have the correct version of the mod and make sure the mod folder has no extra numbers in the name (the actual mod will be within the folder if it does). This is usually a case of having the wrong version of the mod (PCVR for Nomad, or U10 version on a U11 version of the game, ect).
-My game gets an infinite loading screen before character select
      You likely have the wrong version of game/mod combination. Double check that you are using the Nomad version if you have B&S Nomad (the Quest 2 version) or the PC version of the mod if you run the game on a PC. Game version and mod version need to match. Try redownloading/reinstalling the mod (MAKE SURE YOU ARENT USING THE PCVR VERSION IF YOU HAVE A QUEST) and delete your saves. If that doesn't work, delete all your mods and reinstall the game. If that doesn't work, I don't know.

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