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A MegaPack of 300+ realistic weapons of various Medieval European origin (and beyond) that NPCs can spawn with.

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  • Japanese
Medieval MegaPack (MMP) is a content pack of over 400 historically themed weaponry and other objects from various cultures around the world. Aside from melee weapons, this mod contains gadgets, tools, firearms, explosives, foods, crossbows, throwing weapons, magic weapons and more. Enemies will also choose weapons and other items from this mod to equip themselves with.

As you can imagine, maintaining such a massive mod has been very time consuming. Donations are not necessary but highly appreciated. Also, consider joining my Discord for updates and help with mods.


as of U12, export the contents of the zip into:
\Blade & Sorcery\BladeAndSorcery_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods
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