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Welcome to the gauntlet, a place for criminals to repent for their crimes by combat. Today, however, you will be fighting the most notorious criminal gangs in the region. The odds are against you, but Ymira has offered to fight by your side.

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The Death Pit Gauntlet is a hazardous series of combat arenas where you will face the strongest criminal factions in the land, followed by an epic boss battle for each faction.

  • Epic Boss Battles. Bosses are VERY hard to knock down, attack very fast, deal double damage to the player, and are very "healthy" but still defeatable by normal means if you have the endurance. (Neck attacks will deal massive damage). They CANNOT be dismembered.
  • Huge enemy variety. Each of the three factions has their own gear and weapons, armaments, clothes, and even stronger "Elites". Enemies without shirts are visual indicators of an Elite enemy.
  • Easy to navigate arena with 3 very disctinct areas each with their own hazards that have special hazard effects.

  • Three arenas filled with dangerous hazards
  • Three unique enemy factions with weapons from the Medieval MegaPack
  • Four unique Sharp AI boss enemies
  • Four boss weapons added to your book + Ymira's sword
  • Ymira, an NPC companion to help fight with you
  • Additional waves available on every map so you can fight the bosses and their armies anywhere

This mod requires Medieval MegaPack for weapons used by enemies, and SharpAI for bosses.