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A MegaPack of 100+ realistic weapons of various Medieval European origin that NPCs can spawn with.

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A MegaPack of 100+ realistic weapons of various Medieval European origin that NPCs can spawn with. It has weapons you want, and weapons you never knew you wanted, and they have all been meticulously crafted with as much detail as possible with the idea in mind that each one can be anyone's favorite weapon.

A massive variety of 90 Weapons and Items
  • Vanilla lore friendly and generally historically accurate
  • Custom categories to keep your main categories free of clutter
Custom damage properties
  • Blades with a tapered point will pierce easier, while curved weapons or weapons with a wider point will not.
  • Conversely single edged weapons typically cut better
  • Estocs and spiked weapons (picks and warhammers) can easily pierce chain mail
  • All damage is heavily based on vanilla and only altered for variety between weapons
NPC Equipped Weapons
  • All vanilla enemies are given random one handed weapons
New weapons have been added, but the rarity category is temporarily removed because I've been working on this since U8 came out and just want to release it for everyone. For a mostly complete list of changes and additions, check the changelog or new pictures above, but in short, damage has been redone in U8 and so has the damage for the weapons in this mod. They are more close to vanilla than U7 but with some damage variety in piercing.

Known Issues
  • Complex weapons with multiple damagers don't all have visual imbuement. (IE, if you heat up the head of a warhammer, it will glow, but if you heat up the spike, it will not glow, but both can still imbue separately. This is a limitation with the game itself + how my weapons are set up.)
  • Your weapon can collide with throwing axes and daggers that are holstered in their quiver (also why you can't equip them on your hips). Working on a fix.
  • Enemies that pick up shields will not hold them correctly. I'll fix this soon and add shields to the loot table.

Note: There are a lot of weapons here. It's possible I have overlooked some things, and while I can say that they all are completely functional, I may have missed other details. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions on adjustments to weapons or any sort of bugs.

Special Thanks
ToasterMufin for making some Viking weapons
Max Hyper