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  • Hyades Rim Campaign

    The Hyades Rim campaign currently consists of four mini-campaigns, each named after their respective starting Flashpoint (FP):

    I. The Periphery Is A Harsh Mistress
    II. Jinxed
    III. It Came From The Rim
    IV. God Mecha

    Completing any of these starting FPs will unlock the next phase of their respective mini-campaigns, with the use of forced events to link both phase one and phase two Flashpoints, which are listed next: 

    V. Petty Tyrants And Bandit Kingdoms
    VI. Paradise City
    VII. The Death's Mask
    VIII. Here Might Be Dragons

    Phase three Flashpoints require all of the phase two flashpoints and events to be completed before they start appearing.

    IX. Barbarians At The Gates
    X. First Lord

  • Author's Notes

    Hello there,

    My initial idea for the Hyades Rim came when I started playing the new BattleTech after it was released. I remember being initially frustrated that I couldn't explore the star map right away and being restricted to the Periphery until the campaign was explored (and started modding the game right away). While I haven't played much BattleTech over the years, and it was mainly limited to a few hours of tabletop during the 80s using cardboard 'Mech figures, and the Crescent Hawk and MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries videogames, I was hooked into its universe and bought as many novels and sourcebooks as I could.

    Even still, I loved the campaign and career modes and played over a thousand hours of it, most of it unmodded. But when the Urban Warfare DLC was released...