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An original BattleTech story about mysterious events that took place at the Periphery by the end of the 3rd SW. This expansion includes new flashpoints, events, star systems, contracts, BattleMech and vehicle variants, factions, characters and descriptions. Work In Progress.

Permissions and credits
BattleTech 1.9.X compatible - requires all DLCs.

Modtek 0.7.7 is recommended but you may also use HBS's modloader.

Slavish adherence to a formal ritual is a sign that one has nothing better to think about. - Natasha Kerensky, Blood Legacy.

Pirates. Infernos. Phantom 'Mechs. Kittens. Bandit Kingdoms. Pay your C-Bills and pray the space birds don't get you. Explore the mysteries of the Periphery at the Hyades Rim. BattleTech version 1.9 compatible. Requires all DLCs. The Hyades Rim is an expansion for the Battletech videogame focused on the canonical region of the Periphery and the 3025 era. (they know! they are coming!)

Hyper Pulse Generator (feedback) - (standard rates apply - send message if HPG expires)

* A new BattleTech story, told through four separate mini-campaigns consisting of chained flashpoints and events and set on the Hyades Rim region of the Periphery;
* Seven original flashpoints released: The Periphery Is A Harsh Mistress, The Mad Cat Who Walks Through Walls, Here Might Be Dragons, Jinxed, It Came From The Rim, The Death's Mask and God Mecha; and nine more planned;
* Nine new events that include crew deaths, a parrot, JumpShip issues, and assorted oddities;
* 171 new star systems, with the star map being extended both rimwards (south) and spinwards (east), including Randis IV;
* 20 original subfactions, canon and new, with their own contracts and 'Mech variants;
* 178 new contracts and variants added, all rewritten from the vanilla ones with a Periphery flavor;
* 300+ new BattleMech variants to fight as Opfor, can appear equipped with Infernos, ECM, plus other LosTech surprises;
* 22 new vehicle variants, called 'technicals', only used by pirate factions;
* 50+ canon variants of the vanilla 'Mechs, nearly all of the 3025 era and a few SLDF variants;
* Setting and tech follow the 3025 starting date, compatible for both in Campaign and Career mode;
* Nearly all of the new features will only appear on Periphery/Hyades Rim systems or the new pirate factions;
* Otherwise, keeps everything else unchanged from the vanilla game.


* ModTek is recommended but can also use HBS's official mod loader
* All DLCs (Flashpoint, Urban Warfare and Heavy Metal)
* No other mods are required

* Unzip the folder to the new official Battletech /mods folder at Hyades Rim located at
C:\Users\*user*\Documents\My Games\BattleTech\mods
* Or follow ModTek's installation guidelines.

Recommended Mods (not required but can make playing easier)
* Navigation Computer by mpstark - makes travel easier
* BattleTechPerformanceFix by m22spencer - reduces the time to generate new contracts

Warning: Use any other mods at your own risk - I only use these two mods together with the Hyades Rim and I do not provide support for third party mod integration!

Incompatible Mods
* It Came From the Rim minicampaign, The Periphery Is A Harsh Mistress and Jinxed Flashpoints (all already included in the Hyades Rim)
* BTA 3062
* Extended 3025
* RogueTech
* Z_Sab_JK_RarityTables
* JK_Variants (all canon 3025 variants already included in Hyades Rim)

* This is Work In Progress - expect bugs (and please report them here, or the Hyades Rim Discord - link above )

Future Plans
* Add new contracts and Flashpoints (in progress)
* Finish up the faction shops with their specific 'Mechs and variants (in progress)
* Add more additional subfactions and their contracts (in progress)
* Expand star map to include Magistracy of Canopus (in progress)
* Replace the Argo with the Hysteria (Leopard) and create a FP to recover it (?)

* ModTek, by several authors, for allowing BattleTech modding;
* HBS, for officially supporting BattleTech modding;
* Logo Replacement mod by Mpstark
* ConverseTek, by CWolf, for allowing to create/edit the game conversions;
* Inner Sphere Map for the coordinates of most canon systems;
* MegaMek for the coordinates of several connecting systems;
* Banner & Flashpoint images taken from the sourcebook The Periphery, 2nd Edition;
* Corporation logos taken and adapted from
* for being an amazing resource for all things BattleTech related;
* for the stats used in the canon 'Mech variants;
* Playtesters: TL_Warlord_Roff, stormfather, Lobo das Estepes, Hantta
* Bug reporting: taintedloki, 1apetus, mystictiger, nowater, samian, Midicow, Thalion, phearless047, Oldtimer, Silber, l33tn3ss, Thalion, veryinky, LordTyrranus, kasdikana, Frenzier, RedKitsune, UlfrStrongarm, Khairus, GeniusSaj, Ichthyos, don_zappo, SaintBomber, DEADWEIGHT, stormfather
* All the people behind the previous mods and those that provided help/feedback on Discord and the forums: LadyAlekto, Morphyum, Justin Kase, Granner, starscream, Dialcaliper, Necromis, bloodydoves, Owca, Oldtimer and the whole BattleTech modding community.