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Adds the Pact of the Blade changes from OneDnd UA7. Attacks with bonded weapons may deal Necrotic, Psychic or Radiant damage instead of its normal damage type.

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OneDnD Warlock - Pact of the Blade

Intended to be paired with OneDnd UA7 Warlock Pacts as Invocations but can be used standalone.

Pact of the Blade
Implemented changes

As a Bonus Action, you can trace arcane sigils in the air to conjure a pact weapon in your hand—a Simple or Martial melee weapon of your choice with which you bond—or create a bond with a magic weapon you touch. Until the bond ends you have proficiency with the weapon, you can use its Mastery property, and you can use it as a spellcasting focus.

Pact of the Blade and Bind Pact Weapon now cost a Bonus Action instead of an Action.
Bind Pact Weapon can now be used on ranged and off-hand weapons*. Out of combat restriction removed.

Whenever you attack with the bonded weapon, you can use your Charisma modifier for the attack and damage rolls, instead of using Strength or Dexterity, and you can cause the weapon to deal Necrotic, Psychic, or Radiant damage or its normal damage type.

Pactbound weapons can now have their damage type be set to Necrotic, Psychic, or Radiant damage instead of its normal type. Individual toggles to switch between each type.

*Feature not new to OneDnd but not implemented in Baldur's Gate 3.

Does not remove the original Bind Pact Weapon but hides the Pact Blade status. Alters the tooltips of the Pact of the Blade passive and spells.
Adds a fix for conjured weapons not disappearing if the Pact was moved to another weapon.

BG3 Community Library / Compatibility Framework

Baldur's Gate 3 Community Library exists to provide a common collection of Spells, Scripts, Items, Statuses, Passives, and other useful material that will assist modders in creating new content.

The Compatibility Framework provides an API for other mods to use improve compatibility. Initially designed for Subclass Compatibility, the Framework has API endpoints that Script-Extender Enabled mods can hook into to insert values into Progressions and Spell/Skill/PassiveLists at Runtime. What this means is that a mod author can inject their mod's data into existing Progressions or Lists without overwriting data, allowing for total compatibility.

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Mods By The BG3 Community Library Team


Instinctive Pounce
As a part of the bonus action you take to enter your rage, you can move up to half your speed. You can jump once this turn without consuming an additional bonus action.

Relentless Rage
Relentless Rage now restores HP equal to twice your Barbarian level, and can trigger multiple times between rests.

Short Rest Rage Recovery
Barbarians regain one expended Rage on a Short Rest.


Deflect Attacks
This mod uses the Compatibility Framework to add to add Deflect Attacks upgrade from OneDnD.
Deflect Attacks (formerly Deflect Missiles) now also works against melee attacks.

Martial Arts
This mod uses the Compatibility Framework to add to add the Martial Arts changes from OneDnD.
Adjustments to Weapon Proficiencies, Martial Arts Damage, Bonus Unarmed Strikes and Dexterous Attacks.

Monk's Discipline
This mod uses the Compatibility Framework to add to Monk's Discipline from OneDnD.
Monk’s Discipline (formerly Ki) gives an improved version of Step of the Wind, which now lets you take both the Disengage and the Dash action and options have been redesigned to have options that don’t require spending Discipline Points.

Weapon Proficiency Additions
This mod uses the Compatibility Framework to add to the Monk starting weapon proficiencies.
Monks will be able to use Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons that have the Light property by adding Scimitars and Hand Crossbows.


Magical Cunning
Magical Cunning is a new OneDnD feature that allows a Warlock to quickly regain a certain number of spell slots.
If all your Warlock spell slots are expended, you can replenish half of those spell slots (round up). Once you use this feature, you can’t do so again until you finish a Long rest.

Pacts as Invocations
Pact Boon is integrated into the Eldritch Invocations feature.
Over time, you’re now able to choose more than one of the former Pact Boon options. In addition, Eldritch Invocations start from level 1, and at level 12, you have 8 invocations rather than 6.

Pact Of The Blade
Adds the Pact of the Blade changes from OneDnd UA7. Attacks with bonded weapons may deal Necrotic, Psychic or Radiant damage instead of its normal damage type

Patron Spells
This mod uses the Compatibility Framework to add the Patron 'Expanded Spells' you have as always prepared.

Spell List Additions
This mod uses the Compatibility Framework to add to the Warlock Spell Lists.
Level 1 Spells - Bane, Detect Magic (Requires 5E Spells) and Speak with Animals.


OneDnD Modules - Wizard
The OneDnD Changes for the Wizard.: Scholar & Spell School Savant


Starry Wisp Cantrip
Starry Wisp is a new OneDnD cantrip for Bards and Druids.
You launch a mote of light at one creature or object within range. Make a ranged spell attack against the target. On a hit, the target takes 1d8 Radiant damage, and until the end of your next turn, it emits Dim Light in a 10-foot radius and can’t become Invisible.

Mods By Lumaterian


Divine Intervention OneDnD UA6 (Does not Require Script Extender)
Overhauls Divine Intervention to more closely match OneDnD UA6.


Monk Weapon Proficiencies OneDnD UA8 (Does not Require Script Extender)
Updates the Monk weapon proficiencies to match OneDnD UA8.


Spell School Savant OneDnD UA7 (Does not Require Script Extender)
Overhauls the Spell School Savant feature to match OneDnD UA7


Charger Feat OneDnD UA2 (Does not Require Script Extender)
Overhauls the Charger feat to match OneDnD UA2.

Weapon Training Feat OneDnD UA2 (Does not Require Script Extender)
Adds the Weapon Training feat from OneDnD UA2.


Starry Wisp Cantrip OneDnD UA8 (Does not Require Script Extender)
Adds the Starry Wisp cantrip from OneDnD UA8.

Vicious Mockery OneDnD UA6 (Does not Require Script Extender)
Adjusts Vicious Mockery to match OneDnD UA6.

Mods By Argelia


(Some) UA7 OneDND Sorcerer Abilities
Bringing some Sorcerer changes from UA7 PHB to BG3 as best as I could implement them.


True Strike a la UA8 - OneDnD
True Strike, in the spirit of Unearthed Arcana Playtest 8.

UA7 OneDnD Sorcerer Spells
Adding two new spells, Sorcerous Burst and Arcane Eruption, from Unearthed Arcana Playtest 7. Includes exploding dice!

Mods By wesslen


UA6 Invoke Duplicity
Replaces Trickery Cleric's Invoke Duplicity with the UA Playtest 6 version. Allows the Cleric to move, swap places with, and cast spells from an invulnerable illusory duplicate.


UA6 Cunning Strike and Swashbuckler
From UA Playtest 6: Rogues gain the ability to trade one of the Sneak Attack damage dice for a secondary effect. Also fixes bugs in Sneak Attack and makes it work off-turn and with Commander's Strike. Optional files: Swashbuckler Rogue subclass and Steady Aim.


UA7 Archfey Warlock
Updates Archfey Warlock to the UA Playtest 7 version. Additional effects for Misty Step, and scaling free casts. Always-prepared patron spells.


UA8 Healing Buffs
Brings the healing spell buffs from UA Playtest 8 to BG3, making Cure Wounds worth casting (and more.)