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Adds visual notifications to tell the player when they should long rest due to camp night events and dialogues waiting to play out.

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Camp Event Notifications

by Kvalyr

Script Extender is Required for this mod

BG3 is full of events at the camp that players miss due to not resting often enough, or not resting during certain windows of opportunity that the game expects.

This mod regularly checks for pending/available 'Camp Night Events' and adds a floating exclamation point above your main character's head (similar to the one that shows on companions when they have something to say to you).
When this symbol shows up, you should go to camp and talk to your companions and/or long rest, to avoid missing out on these events.

A future version of this mod will adjust the game logic to allow multiple events to play out in a single night too.

* Install BG3 Mod Manager (Vortex might work, but I don't use it and can't help you with it. If you use it, you're on your own.)
* Install BG3 Script Extender  (You can install this easily using BG3 Mod Manager)
* Install it the same as any other mod that comes in a .pak file

* See this article: [Uninstallation Procedure]
* It's almost never a good idea to remove mods from an ongoing playthrough.
* This one should be safe to remove in most cases as of v0.4, but there are no promises.

* Configuration is optional - Most players can just install and play with default settings
* See this article for instructions on configuring the mod: [Configuration Instructions]
* i.e.; Enabling/Disabling the exclamation mark, statuses, etc.



Q: What are "Camp Night Events"?
A: Cutscenes, dream sequences, dialogues, etc. that happen when you go to bed for a long rest.

Q: What does this mod actually do?
A: At various times (when you end a dialog, change regions, etc.) It simulates the checks the game normally does when you click on your bedroll to switch to "Night Mode", and tells you if there are Camp Night Events waiting to happen.


Q: Vortex?
A: I don't use Vortex for BG3. It probably works but I'm not going to troubleshoot it and I can't help you with it. If you use Vortex, you're on your own. BG3 Mod Manager by LaughingLeader is my recommendation for BG3.

Q: Do I need Mod Fixer?
A: Maybe. Probably. Try it and see. 

Compatibility & Existing Saves

Q: Is this mod compatible with existing saves? (1) Do I have to start a new game? (2)
A: 1: Yes, 2: No.
This mod is mostly script extender scripts. It doesn't care whether you're loading a 300-hour save or starting a new game. It doesn't matter.

Q: Work with existing saves?
A: Yes. Doesn't matter. Doesn't need a new game. Mod doesn't care. 

Q: Compatible with Party Limit Begone?
A: Maybe, but not guaranteed. Don't be surprised if it doesn't work. I don't use PLB and testing against it would slow me down far too much.

Q: Will it mess with my quests/relationships/story/cutscenes?
A: No. This mod only 'queries' the game state to find out when events are pending/eligible/queued and tells you about it. It doesn't otherwise manipulate or change these events in any way.

Notifications, Exclamation marks and Questions about Camp Event logic

Q: How do I disable the exclamation mark?
A: See the 'Configuration' section in the description.

Q: I just rested and the mod is STILL telling me that I have camp events waiting. Why?
A: Yep. Go rest again. BG3 is weird like that.
When you Long Rest, the game looks at what events are waiting and eligible to be played, then chooses the one event with the highest priority. Only the one highest priority event is then played for a single night of rest. Other events are put back into 'the queue' until your next rest.
A later version of this mod will have a feature to allow multiple events to happen in one rest.

Q: I got the notification that there were events waiting, but nothing happened when I long-rested - What gives?
A: This mod errs on the side of telling you when there are probably events waiting to happen, rather than risking you missing some. Try talking to everyone in camp and/or resting again.
* Sometimes the function that determines this will get it wrong because it's imitating the game's logic imperfectly. I'll improve this over time and in later versions.
* Also, sometimes the game is just weird about how and when it 'dismisses' events from being eligible to play.
* Also, sometimes characters wanting to talk to you at the camp makes the mod think there are camp events waiting. A future version will track that separately.

Q: Why does the exclamation mark only appear when I go to camp sometimes, and disappear if I leave camp?
A: See here: [Explanation] - TL;DR: There are limits to the magic the mod can work in how it interacts with BG3's backend story logic. It will improve over time.

Q: The mod tells me there are events waiting, but I don't need to rest and don't want to waste my resources. What do I do?
A: That's nothing specifically to do with this mod, but just do a 'partial rest' without using camp supplies. You'll still trigger camp events.

Planned Features:
* Separate logic for pending 'Relationship Dialogue' events. i.e.; Companions wanting to talk to you.
* New logic to allow multiple events to play out during a single rest/night.

* Norbyte for LSLib & Script Extender
* LaughingLeader for BG3 Mod Manager
* ShinyHobo for the BG3 MultiTool
* Larian Studios for the best CRPG in years