Exclamation point only showing up when I actually go to camp, but not outside of camp, so I'm not being told when I need to go to camp for events. Could this be interference from another mod?

TL;DR: Not interference or incompatibility, just a limitation of the game's logic that the mod has to work around.

Short Explanation
This isn't interference or incompatibility; it's just a limitation of the backend Osiris queries that this mod relies on to guess when events are pending. v0.4.0 added some logic to manipulate the results a little to trick the game into thinking you're at camp when you're not, to get more accurate guesses - but this introduced some other issues and was removed again in v0.4.2 until I can improve it.

Semi-Technical explanation:
The mod replicates the queries that the game does when you go to rest to see if there are events it should play. It does this by going through all available events and asking "Are the requirements to start this event currently met?"
That includes queries to check if all participants in the event (say, player + karlach, or player + gale, etc.) are currently in camp because it's a camp-only event.
i.e.; it checks DB_InCamp(player) and DB_InCamp(eventCompanion).

When you're not in camp, obviously this check will return false; so the mod just sees that there are no pending events. Then you go to camp and the check returns true, because the required participants are in camp; so the mod sees a list of events that are pending, that it didn't see before.

v0.4.0 faked the results returned by DB_InCamp while it was doing its queries, so that the queries that the mod runs would behave as if you're always in camp. This had no effect on the checks the game itself does for this stuff, so it wasn't negatively affecting anything in that regard, but the method of faking the results introduced inexplicable lag.
v0.4.2 removed this logic, at the cost of this behaviour wherein sometimes now the mod can only predict pending events when you're already in camp.

I hope to have replacement logic to solve this without a performance impact in v0.5.0.

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  1. gyrofalcon
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    Thank you for clarifying this.
    I'm very pleased with how this mod works, and it has help me to trigger a lot of "new" events for me :)
    My first run in Full Release I did about 5 full rest in Act 1, now I'm passing 15, and I haven't started the UnderDark, yet.
    Thank you! :)