Uninstallation - Notes:
* Note: It's generally not a good idea to uninstall mods in an existing playthrough - So Absolutely no promises are made here
* As of v0.4, this mod detects when the game is saving and removes itself (and statuses, etc.) from characters before the game saves.
* This means it should be safe enough to remove most of the time, because of automatically removing traces of itself before the save goes through.

You ONLY need to use the below instructions if you're having trouble uninstalling the mod by just removing it.

Simply removing it should work most of the time, for most users; as long as you've used version 0.4 or newer.

Enabling the Script Extender Console:
* See this article: [Enabling the Script Extender Console]

Uninstallation - Procedure:
* If for some reason you're still having trouble, you can try the following procedure:
    * Reinstall the mod (v0.4 or newer) if you've removed it
    * Enter the following command in the script extender console window:
    * SAVE your game, then exit BG3 completely.
    * Remove the mod as you would any other

Uninstallation - Alternative:
* The mod stores its configuration in a JSON file at this location:
    %localappdata%\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Osiris Data\KvCampEvents\Config.json
* You can change the KVCE_INSTALL_STATE value from "INSTALLED" to "UNINSTALLED" to make the mod inactive the next time you load the game.
* If you do this, then save your game while the mod is in this 'UNINSTALLED' state; you should be able to safely remove the mod after closing BG3.

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  1. BloodRedCarnation
    • member
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    Hi! I'm temporarily uninstalling the mod until SE is compatible with Patch4, but some of the issues I found after the update were still happening after I uninstalled the mod and SE. I thought then that the problem might be the folder "Script Extender" and I tried deleting it, but now the game started crashing as soon as I tried to load the save. I returned the folder, but it keeps happening, so I want to try uninstalling using the alternative way by altering the .json file, however, I can't quite understand it. How do you "change the KVCE_INSTALL_STATE value from "INSTALLED" to "UNINSTALLED""? Thank you!

    EDIT: I found out the game only breaks at launch if I try launching the version I saved without the mod. I can still launch the save right before I deleted Camp Event Notifications and Script Extender. Any tips on how I might solve this? My issues include: not being able to return to camp, not being able to talk to my companions, not being able to dig up any crates and not being able to hear some narration lines tied to some objects. I only had this mod installed.
  2. Caerhann
    • member
    • 4 kudos
    Question: what to do if one wants to temporarily uninstall the mod via the .json method (as I'm having the permanent question mark issue), but there's no .json file nor the relevant folder structure (<...>\Osiris Data\KvCampEvents\)? I don't mind creating the .json file manually, but I don't know what its contents should be.
    1. MMaya
      • supporter
      • 50 kudos
      for me it was under C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Script Extender\KvCampEvents

      (AppData is a hidden folder, if you can't see it make sure to go to folder options under View and check "show hidden folders")
    2. Caerhann
      • member
      • 4 kudos
      Thanks! The (quite recent) Script Extender fix (i.e. "Mods.KvCampEvents.State.Uninstall()") did it for me, but I've just removed the folder that you mentioned as well.