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The ring (and other variants) can be found inside the Tutorial Chest or bought from Arron (Act 1), Mattis (Act 2) or Danthelon (Act 3).
Don't forget to Long Rest for trader refresh.
Some passive abilities will be OFF on equip. Turn them ON by clicking.

Permissions and credits
* Тhis mod was last tested on: GOG Version Patch6 Hotfix 5 (Equivalent to Steam Hotfix #21) *
follow the "happy update path" from the comment section, when updating.

Ring of Elder Gods
add several modified spells that are extremely overpowered.
Here is a video preview with some of the spells: 

Those spells are intentionally not in a container, so you can add them directly to "Custom" tab and use them with 1-9 keys up to =.

UPDATE: Version 1.5 contains several passive abilities for different effects that can be toggled ON and OFF.
They are also OFF by default when you equip the ring (or the other variants). Just switch ON whatever you want.

Here is a list of all spells and passives explained the best way I can :

Spells Explained via Longer Description (Version 1.4, so kinda obsolete)
Passive Abilities Explained via Code (Version 1.4, so kinda obsolete)

There are new passive abilities for spells segregated in groups, so you can have only the spells you want.

From Version 1.5 onward the mod will have other variants included.
This means Ring, Amulet, Drum, Flute, Lute, Lyre and Violin.

This mod can be used on a new game and with existing save as well.
For a new game the ring can be found in the tutorial chest at the start of the game (location).

For existing save outside the tutorial zone, use the Tutorial Chest Summoning mod.

Alternately you can buy it from Arron (Act 1) at Druid Grove for 2 gold.
Also you can buy it from Mattis (Act 2) and Danthelon (Act 3).
Other variants (amulet, lute, so on) can be also bought from the traders.
Don't forget to "Long Rest" in order for the trader supplies to refresh and have the items in it.

This mod can also be removed mid game without breaking your save.
You need to
throw the ring away, save and then remove the mod from load order.
Here is a
short video as proof: Game Works After Mod Being Removed

This mod
Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Fixer

Also here is a list of other mods that I'm using along:
Infinite Dyes
No Spell Prep
Highlight All
The Absolute's Ring

2 Status Rows on Sidebar
Better Containers

Improved World Tooltips
No Press Any Key Menu

Of course, here are the Native mods as well, that will unlock the camera and will let you use WASD for movement:
Native Mod Loader
WASD Character Movement
Native Camera Tweaks
CPU Performance FPS Optimizer

This mod was heavily inspired by:
Faerun Utility - FU
Codex Gigas
GodHero for Full Release version
Infinite Combat Resources Toggle

I've use them as a base at the beginning, since I wanted only a small part of the content from those mods.
Eventually I've re-wrote every spell so they inherit properties from the original spells from the game and only do modifications when needed.

I want to express my GRATITUDE toward clintmich for creating the Faerun Utility - FU mod, which I used to learn how mods work in BG3.
His work is superior and he should be treated as a modding god!
Trust me, I've seen all of the custom spells on that mod and they are splendid.

Also a big THANK YOU to swissfred and unamazement.
From the GodHero mod I've learned how to do different on/off passive abilities.
From Infinite Combat Resources I've learned all of the different parameters used for all kind of modification.

Also a big thank you to MagusTheMagician for releasing the Codex Gigas mod.
From him I saw several funny and well implemented spells with lore, from which the Translocation spell was the most useful one.
I've implemented my own version of this spell with working animation, so again GRATITUDE for the inspiration and awesome work.

Another THANK YOU to MeMeno for giving me such a helpful feedback about the new abilities and how certain functions work. I had a specific period where I was not able to test the new code changes inside the game and he provided all the needed insights. Gratitude again.

And finally, another great deal of GRATITUDE to lucrorpg for creating a video showcase of the mod.
You can check his YouTube channel here: Lucrorpg's channel

P.S. If you like 'cheaty' stuff, take a look at this trainer by FLiNG : Baldur's Gate 3 Trainer - FLiNG Trainer