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"The Absolute's Ring" mod requested by "Dragonswordgod" with the spells he wanted, alongside a passive called "Protection of the Absolute" requested by "Kayal".
The ring (and other variants) can be found inside the Tutorial Chest or bought from Arron (Act 1), Mattis (Act 2) or Danthelon (Act 3).

Permissions and credits
* Тhis mod was last tested on: Hotfix #13 (Version *

The Absolute's Ring (and other variants)
can be found inside the Tutorial Chest or bought from Arron (Act 1), Mattis (Act 2) or Danthelon (Act 3).

Don't forget to Long Rest for trader refresh.

Spells Preview in Version 1.10:

Passives Preview in Version 1.10:

Some passive abilities will be OFF on equip.
Turn them ON by clicking.

Spells of Absolute

"Dragonswordgod" gave me a list of spells to be integrated in this mod, which he also named "The Absolute's Ring".
Conjure Woodland Being
Cone of Cold
Conjure Elemental
Destructive Wave
Flame Strike
Chain Lightning
Circle of Death
Blade Barrier
Heroes' Feast
Otiluke's Freezing Sphere
Wind Walk
Pass without Trace
The Cure for Everything
Mass Cure for Everything


Presumption of Absolute

Unlock all presumption spells of Absolute, requested by "TheKeyOfTheBrain".
Tentacle Whip
Extract Brain
Retributive Brainquake
Synaptic Discharge
Survival Instinct
Psionic Pull
Supernatural Attraction
Reflective Shell

Way of Absolute Weapon Master

Unlock all weapon-based spells of Absolute, requested by "loredood".
Searing Smite 
Thunderous Smite 
Wrathful Smite 
Blinding Smite 
Hail of Thorns 
Lightning Arrow 
Conjure Barrage 

Absolute's Cursed Tome

Unlock all "Cursed Tome" spells, requested by "Aeon74".
Curriculum of Strategy: Artistry of War
Danse Macabre

True Soul of the Absolute

Adds the "Shield of Screams" buff based on the "True Soul Nere", requested by ElysiaHorder.
Shield of Screams

Absolute's Shadow Spells

Unlock the "Absolute's Shadow Spells" requested by "VictorvanDoom100" and "loredood".
Shadow Blade
Shadow Curse
The Cure for Everything (improved Greater Restoration)

Gifts of Elder Gods

This passive contain some of the spells that are already on my other mod "Ring Of Elder Gods".
They were originally in the spell list from "Dragonswordgod" and "TheKeyOfTheBrain".
Create Undead
Flesh to Stone
Globe of Invulnerability
Otto's Irresistible Dance
Planar Ally
Greater Invisibility
Enlarge - Reduce

They are here just so have a standalone version of those spells.
Otherwise, you can disable the passive and use "Ring Of Elder Gods" alongside this mod, since it have way more spells.

Protection of Absolute

"Kayal" gave me a list of protection spells to be put inside this passive.
Blade Ward
Armor of Agathys
Mage Armour
Protection From Evil and Good
Shield of Faith
Mirror Image
Warding Bond
Protection From Poison
Protection From Energy
Death Ward
Fire Shield

If you boil them down to pure status boosts - this is the list:
Those might look a bit weird or unorganized and this is because they are unorganized and a bit weird.
As I said, those are just a pure boost combinations of statuses from a lot of protection spells.


Absolute's Box of Wonders

The Box of Wonders will contain "Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous" inspired spells.
Wrath of the Righteous
Negative Eruption
Storm of the Century

Absolute Zero
Rainbow Missile