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Native open source plugin providing several camera tweaks. Unlocked camera pitch, zoom, controller stick deadzone. No separate executables. Configurable.

Permissions and credits

Unlocked camera limits let you appreciate the game's graphics in a new way.


  • Unlocked camera pitch (optional), separate for exploration and combat
  • Override locked pitch settings
  • Override zoom limits
  • Zoom step size multipliers
  • Override camera FOV
  • Override camera horizontal/vertical offset
  • Controller support
  • Tweaked controller camera right stick deadzone
  • Controller right stick camera speed multiplier
  • Mouse camera rotation speed multiplier
  • Keyboard camera rotation speed multiplier
  • Local splitscreen support
  • No separate executable
  • Open source

Pitch adjustment works in a seamless way exactly as you'd expect it to work. Move the mouse while holding the middle mouse button, or move the controller stick up/down.

You can configure the values by editing the BG3NativeCameraTweaks.toml file with a text editor. The provided defaults are what I believe are sane values, but feel free to change them as you see fit.


Tactical Camera mode, with its low FOV, gives out pretty cool classic vibes with adjusted pitch.


In vanilla, moving the controller right stick up and down controls the camera zoom. That's now replaced with camera pitch adjustment. The original functionality is available while the left stick is pressed down.
I've also included a deadzone tweak for the right stick because the default one is extremely strong (0.65!). A smaller deadzone feels smoother and less rigid.


Have the game updated to the most recent version.
Install Native Mod Loader.

Place NativeCameraTweaks.dll and NativeCameraTweaks.toml inside Baldurs Gate 3\bin\NativeMods\.


WASD Character Movement
The two mods work very well together and transform the gameplay into something reminiscent of Dragon Age: Origins. I personally love this.

pavelk's various improved UI mods with autohide functionality, or Aether's Immersive UI
For contextually hiding the HUD that tends to be blocking the view while walking around.


You can use the source code in your mod as long as it's open source as well.

Contributions are very welcome.


My patrons for the support!❤️

dukethedropkicker for DKUtil.
kassent for Native Mod Loader.
shalzuth for not keeping BG3Cam closed source, which helped me start out reverse engineering the camera.