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NEW UPDATE - CANDOR SUPPORT Introduces 18 new spells through Arcane Rings to Baldur's Gate 3.

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- A mod for Baldur's Gate 3 -

Mod Manager Support

This mod aims to bring new spells to Baldur's Gate 3 through Arcane Rings. Currently 18 new spells have been attached to rings that were previously useless in game, other than to sell for a few bits of coin. Not every ring in game has been edited, so you will still find plenty of non magical rings to be looted during your adventures.

        Most spells added to this mod are completely new homebrews. All spells have full casting/target effects, and some have added voice effects.
I tried to get creative with these, and make them fun and interesting to use. You'll never get sick of casting Magic Mud Pies;)
There's also a select few vanilla spells included as well that will eventually be in game, but are not currently available in Early Access. I had to add spell effects and tweak them a bit, as they were unfinished spells, with very few casting effects. These include Fireball, Lightning, Haste, Revivify, and Barkskin.

        Spells added are level 3 & 4 spells. Even if you are not leveled up enough to use higher level spells, the rings allow for use no matter what your character class or level is. Wearing the rings adds an active spell slot for immediate use of the spell attached. All Arcane Rings are now marked as "Rare", and will show up highlighted blue in your inventory window.

       Spells are balanced accordingly for gameplay in Early Access. Even though they are level 3 & 4 spells, they've been set so they're not too over powering.
They'll add a new hint of spice to your battles, and help curve the spamming of the same old Eldritch Blast, or Magic Missiles. With 18 new spells at your disposal, you will feel the power of the arcane! Just slip on a ring, and let the power surge though your fingers! Become the spell caster of your dreams!

(See  "Rings & Spells" below for spell statistic details, or navigate to the "Images" section for in game visuals)

The table below shows the Arcane Rings attachments to its corresponding spells, spell effects, and spell levels.
(Gold cost at traders and sell price will vary depending on your reputation with them.)

In game detailed descriptions of effects/damage can be viewed in the "Images" Section

Note - Homebrew spells are marked with a "*"

Arcane Rings               Spells                Visual Effects/Actions       Damage/Buff Effects             Level    
Amethyst Ring (silver)           *Multi-Bolt                                 Cast 3 beams of Lightning                           (1d12) Lightning per target (Inflicts Witchbolt)           4
Amethyst Ring (gold)             *Exploding Magic Missiles     Cast 3 explosive darts of magical force     (1d4+1) Force, (1d4) Fire per target                              4
Peridot Ring (silver)               *Abounding Acid Arrows         Cast 3 bursting magical arrows of acid      (4d4) Acid per target (2d4) Acid end of targets turn  4
Gold Ring (gold-no stone)     *Shocking Triplicity                 Cast 3 lightning springs                                (1d8) Lightning per target (Inflicts Shocking Grasp)  4 
Silver Band (silver)                 *Toxic Goo                                 Conjure gooey acid (1m radius)                   (2d6+2) Poison (Chance to poison target)                   3
Gold Ring (gold)                       Fireball                                     Cast exploding fireball (5m radius)              (4d6) Fire (Chance for ground fire surface)                 3
Ruby Ring (silver)                   *Trinal Fire                                Cast 3 motes of fire                                       (1d6) Fire per target (Creates ground fire surface)     4
Bronze Ring (bronze)             *Magic Mud Pies                      Cast 3 wet gobs of mud                               (1d4+1) Bludgeoning per target (Creates mud)           3
Bronze Ring (cheap)                Barkskin                                   Touch a creature                                           Target gains Barkskin, increases AC for 1hr                 3
Copper Band (bronze)             Haste                                        Touch a creature                                           Target speed x2, +2AC, +1Action per turn                      3
Tourmaline Ring (silver)          Lightning                                  Cast forth a blast of lightning                     (3d8) Lightning (Chance for Shocking Grasp)              4
Tourmaline Ring (gold)          *Legions of Frost                      Cast 3 frigid beams of light                         (1d8) Cold per target (Reduce target speed by 3m)     4
Copper Ring (bronze)             *Sandman                                  Target a large group of creatures               Inflicts Sleep (up to 50 hp in group)                               4
Verdelite Ring (gold)                Revivify                                    Target a companion                                      Returns a companion to life with some hit points        3
Dark Ring (gold)                     *Necrotic Beam                         Cast a necromatic beam of energy             (4d6+3) Necrotic                                                             3
Ruby Ring (bloodstone)         *Blood Bath                               Conjure a flowing stream of blood              (2d8+3) Necrotic (Creates pool of slippery blood)      3
Garnet Ring (bronze)             *Arcanic Halt                             Cast arcane energy                                        Inflicts Command: Halt on 3 targets                             4
Onyx Ring (silver)                   *Poison Cloud of Confusion   Conjure a dark timmask spore cloud           (2d6+2) Poison (Inflicts Confusion)                             4

Please Note - This mod will not be compatible with any other mod that alters the "Armor","Spell_Target","Spell_Projectile",and "Spell_Zone" files located in                                     (Data/Public/Shared/Stats/Generated/Data)

Q: I have a another mod that alters these files. How do I get this mod to work with it?

A: Download the Optional file that has clear and easy instructions on how to add this mod to it!
                     This has a better chance of working if your mods are unpacked in loose files.
                     .pak files may cause incompatibility if they alter any files this mod does.
                      To complete this install method all you'll need to do is copy and paste some lines from the text file you downloaded, to your current     
                      "Armor","Spell_Target","Spell_Projectile",and "Spell_Zone" files. It might be a bit tedious. But you can do it!

       As Baldur's Gate 3 grows through it's development process, so will this mod. Future plans include adding the Arcane Rings as unique items, as not to overwrite any Larian Studios vanilla content. Adding new custom icons for each spell, so it will be less confusing in your spell book. Adding new homebrew spells. I still have some spell ideas up my sleeve:) Also, eventually possibly adding arcane jewelry traders in different areas/chapters of the game. This one most likely won't happen until the official toolkit is released though. Until then, I will keep this mod updated as much as my free time allows.

See below for a few different install methods available for popular Mod Managers used for Baldur's Gate 3.
Also, manual install methods have been included. Please choose the method that is right for you.

Method 1 - (Using Main File)

1. Use Nexus Vortex to install automatically.


Manual Install
1. Extract the archive.
2. Copy the "Data" folder from the extracted archive.
3. Paste into your "Baldurs Gate 3" folder. This should be located in Steam/steamapps/common/Baldurs Gate 3
4. Install complete, Enjoy!

Method 2 - (Using Optional File For Candor Mod Manager) Recognized in BG3 Mod Manager

1. Add the folder to Candor Mod Manager using its regular method - (Add Mod(s) button).
2. Highlight ArcaneRings in your mod list and click the - (Install Selected Mod(s) button).
3. Install complete, start your game

Method 3 - (Using Optional File - For Manual .pak Install) Recognized in BG3 Mod Manager

1. Extract the archive.
2. Copy the "ArcaneRings.pak" folder from the extracted archive.
3. Paste into: Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods
4. Navigate to: Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\PlayerProfiles\[Profile Name]\modsettings.lsx
5. Open modsettings.lsx with your notepad or similar app.
6. Add these lines under <node id="ModOrder">  <children>       NOTE- These lines can be copied from the "Instructions.txt" file included with the download)

7. Add these lines under the Gustav:
8. Save the file
9. Set modsettings.lsx file to Read-only, or the game might undo these changes.
10. Install complete, Enjoy!


If you currently have a mod that alters the "Armor","Spell_Target","Spell_Projectile",and "Spell_Zone" files
located in (Data/Public/Shared/Stats/Generated/Data)
Download the other Optional file that has clear and easy instructions on how to add this mod to to your current files.

Method 1 - (Installed Main File)

1. Use Vortex to un-install automatically.


Manual Un-Install
1. Follow this path: Steam/steamapps/common/Baldurs Gate 3/Data/Public/Shared/Stats/Generated/Data
2. Delete the "Armor","Spell_Target","Spell_Projectile",and "Spell_Zone" files inside the Data directory.
3. Uninstall complete.

Method 2 - (Installed Optional File For Candor Mod Manager)

1. Highlight ArcaneRings in you Candor Mod Manager mods list.
2. Click the (Remove Selected Button).
3. Uninstall complete.

Method 3 - (Installed Optional File - For Manual .pak Install).

1. Navigate to: Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods
2. Highlight and delete ArcaneRings.pak
3. Navigate to: Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\PlayerProfiles\[Profile Name]\modsettings.lsx 
4. Uncheck Read-Only in modsettings.lsx
5. Open modsettings.lsx with your notepad or similar app.
6. Remove these lines under <node id="ModOrder">  <children>

7. Remove these lines under the Gustav:

8. Save the file
9. Set modsettings.lsx file to Read-only, or the game might undo these changes.
10. Un-Install complete.

Author - clintmich
Larian Studios - For an amazing game
GIMP - For the image manipulation software
Norbyte - For the converter app
ShinyHobo - For BG3 Mod Helper
Nexus Sites - For the amazing modding community
Gamers - You! Thanks for downloading and playing! Cheers!