Baldur's Gate 3
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Candor is an extensible mod manager that aims to support any and all games!

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Candor is a new Mod Manager that allows for compatibility for almost any game!

Our aim to provide a lightweight mod manager that doesn't require installation and is customizable for each game set up.

If you have any issues, please report them here

How do I install it?
Simply download the version you require - I am currently unable to test the Linux and Mac versions, they may not  work correctly - and extract it to your desired location.
Next, download any of the modules you may require, for example, the Baldur's Gate 3 module.
Open the folder you extracted until you see the Candor app, create a folder here called 'module' and place the file you just downloaded in there.
You can now start candor and set up your games, and install mods!

How do I use it?
Once you run the application, it will show a list of set up games, if there are no games already set up, you should click the 'load new game' button to set up your game. 

Here you will choose the location of the games executable file, for example the .exe file, along with the folder where the mods should be installed, there are a couple of options here, you can select whether or not mods should always be extracted from a zip file, or not.
Once you have set up the game, and clicked ok, you should see the main manager window, here you can click add mods to select any mods you have downloaded and wish to install, after the manager has loaded the mods in to the list, you should then highlight them and click the 'install mods' button, this will now copy the files to the mods folder and actually install them, you can then go to the 'game' drop-down, and click launch game, this should run the game, with your mods installed and ready to go!

Anything I Should Know?
  • Only compatible mods are able to be installed with this Manager - you can find out how here
  • It currently may not be possible to install more than 1 mod, we're looking into this 
That's all, if you find any bugs, please do let me know - Best way is to post the debug.log file (from where you installed candor) on to Hastebin and send it to me on discord!

You can find me on twitter @InnoxiumTech or @ShadowChild12
You can also find my discord here
You can find the source here