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Added: 10/03/2017 - 08:31PM
Updated: 06/08/2017 - 11:17PM

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REALly Blended ROADS v 1.3 is out!!!
I've switched to alpha blending to get much mor smooth seems between the road stones and the surrounding textures. And I've fixed the decal issues on the Blended Roads too.
This will be the last version for a while.
I want to focus the Majestic Mountains port now.
A big thank you to sonnhy for creating and uploading the installer and taking care of the comment section.
You've helped me a lot while I hadn't time for uploading.

Did a reupload of version 1.3. There was a plugin too much wich caused installation issues.


While I was creating snow textures for my other mod
I've ran into big trouble with road uvw's.
I've looked into the meshes and discovered that I can't solve this problem without changing my textures in a way I didn't want.
So I decided to change the meshes and blend the road textures to it.
I think the gifs explain best what this mod does.
I've decided to release it as a standalone mod. Maybe someone is interrested to use it without my main mod.

It will be basically compatible with all texture packs. Only the road textures need to be replaced.

This mod is meant as a modders resource too. Feel free to use and change it. I've uploaded mask templates too
(the roadstones still use Bethesda's uvw's.)
But I would appreciate a credit.


  • Actual road textures from other packs usally don't have an alpha channel. This means they don't blend and make this mod pretty useless. If you want compatible textures from other packs you need to contact their mod author.
      all mods that change the road meshes (currently unknown, please report it and I will update here)
  • Blended Roads is actually incompatible with Real Roads.
  • Blended Roads is now compatible with SMIM bridges

Known Issues:
  • currently nothing ( but I am sure there will come something)
  • blending within one mesh is possible but between meshes not, this is nearly impossible in Skyrim

About Snow Roads:

If you are using Fluffy Snow or Majestic Mountains you can ignore this.

I decided to drop the seperate snow roads. This means that the snow roads have 3d stones from version 1.1 and up.
To achieve a good fitting I decided to project snow material on them. First I decided to use a similar technique like Better Dynamic Snow. But this didn't work very good on bridges.
That's why I'm using a regular snow material. Depending on the snow mod you are using this may not fit with the ground.
In that case contact the author of your favorit snow mod and ask for a fitting projected diffuse texture.

  • Bethesda - thanks for allowing us to mod
  • Texturelib

Here are two show cases that I've overlooked for almost two weeks.