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An official port of Glacies Snow Retexture from LE, tweaked and in BC7 format.

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From the original mod

Made with PBR materials this mod aims to achieve a realistic overhaul of the snowy landscapes of Skyrim. I tried to keep the original feel of the vanilla textures while making improvements where needed. I pre-baked ambient occlusion onto these textures with an AO map to give the snow the much needed detail it needed.

Changes for SSE

Due to technical differences in texture handling in SSE, I started with Odin's uncompressed resources and adjusted brightness and alphas to get it looking as balanced as I could before saving both diffuse and normals in 4k BC7.  A projecteddiffuse that matches the snow is provided, as well as the extra texture paths that SSE has.  If you want a 2k version, you can run it through Cathedral Assets Optimizer.

My snow is too bright!

This snow can be very bright in noon sun, but should only be an issue in flat snowfields for a few hours of the game day.  Adjustments to your ENB preset may help, such as DirectLightIntensityDay, but Odin's original goal was for a realistically white glacial snow - there's a reason the Inuits invented sunglasses.  I don't recommend using this snow with ENBs with high bloom, such as Picturesque.  All pictures taken using Rudy ENB for Cathedral Weathers (Zangdar Edit).


IMPORTANT! For Majestic Mountains users, you'll definitely want to use the mod linked below to get mountains to look right.
Majestic Mountains-BDS with LOD Fix

Dynamic Better Snow:
This mod has been designed for BDS 2.11 to match snow objects to the landscape without color mismatch.  For best results, apply BDS to your entire load order with the XEdit Patcher or the Synthesis Patcher.

BDS 3.x users should use the 'brighter snow' option in the BDS FOMOD.

Blended Roads:
This mod includes a texture update for blended snow roads.  Better Dynamic Snow (2.0) users should also use Better Dynamic Snow and Blended Roads Integration to get the correct effect on the roads, or use patchers as above.  Better Dynamic Snow (3.0) users should be ok if using the option mentioned above.

Expanded Towns and Cities:
This mod includes a texture override for the dirtcliff snow alpha to fix one visual issue in Dawnstar.

Original mod from Odinsmods:
Quixel AB
Mr. Octopus

SSE port:
Mycenia for dirtcliff snow, snow road edit, and a few texture tweaks.