Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A detailed HD hand-made rework of Blended Roads, to provide more realism, regionality and better blend to the environment. Fixes Dragon bridge. Compatible with blended roads redone.

Permissions and credits
Really Realistic Really Blended Roads Redone Redone lol


This is my hand made HD version of Blended roads.

The aim of this mod is to make the roads more interesting and realistic, while blending better into the environment.

Each type of road has distinct and unique features :

  • Main road - Heavily cracked and weathered
  • Reach road - Mossier and fits the rocky atmosphere
  • Rift (fall forest) road - Darker, weathered and covered in leaf litter and dirt
  • Snowy road - Paler, improved normal maps for a more snowy effect
  • Solstheim road - Covered in ash, yet still visible - blends seamlessly
  • Blackreach road - uses cracked dwemer textures - lore friendly and makes sense
  • Applies blended roads texture to Dragon Bridge


1. Install:
  • v1.4 - 2023 version - latest and most detailed
  • For a version with more blend, I suggest installing the blended roads addon in HD Remastered Landscapes OR v1.1 which is in the old files section

  • HD Remastered Landscapes - Highly recommended. not required, but they have been designed to work together and the colour pallets and textures match perfectly

2. Overwrite Blended Roads and Landscape mods

3. Play :)

Requirements and Compatibility

HD Remastered Landscapes - Highly recommended

Requires Blended Roads - both normal and REALly blended options work

Compatible with Blended Roads Redone - install the meshes only and then use my mod

Compatible with Cathedral Landscapes - let my mod overwrite

My mod contains a mesh for dragon bridge, so make sure it overwrites any other mods altering the same mesh, so you can have the road texture on dragon bridge

Please endorse if you like my work, you have no idea how many different textures I went through before these lmao

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Credits: T4gtr34um3r for Blended Roads