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Fixes visual issues with the road chunks in the Museum courtyard when using Blended Roads

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If you're interested in more visual fixes for the LOTD Museum, I highly recommend wSkeever's Legacy of the Dragonborn - Museum Exterior Fixes. It includes a similar fix to this mod and more.

The LOTD Museum courtyard uses the vanilla roadchunks01 static with dirt path texture set. This looks totally fine if you play without Blended Roads, but it causes some odd visual issues when using Blended. I just created a new static, applied a new texture set that uses the Solitude grass, and changed the Museum road chunks to use the new static with Solitude grass.

Because LOTD uses a vanilla asset for these, I can't make this change pluginless. It is flagged as ESL however, so it won't take up a slot in your load order.

If I missed changing a road chunk somewhere, let me know! This patch only affects the pathway in the Museum courtyard.