• Quality Leather Armour Addon for SkyRe for Skyrim

    I added a bunch of armours to SkyRe's Quality Leather Armour system.

    uploaded 6:35, 11 Feb 2014 1,051 76 36kb Allison W

  • Unofficial Morrowloot-Skyrim Overhaul for Skyrim

    Unofficial Morrowloot-Skyrim Overhaul, an unofficial expansion for Morrowloot:
    Greatly improves countless aspects of the game: brings Morrowloot to the expansions, creates a game world rewarding of exploration, rebalances armor, weapons, perks and ingredients without changing the feel of the game. New spells and hand placed secrets can be fou

    uploaded 5:12, 11 Feb 2014 41,387 2,006 9kb Archiphres

  • Heljarchen Farm for Skyrim

    Rebuild a farm, hire workers, grow crops, and earn gold!

    uploaded 5:07, 11 Feb 2014 206,027 11,688 18,415kb Skvindt

  • Golden Rings Of Crafting for Skyrim

    A small cheat item for those who do not wish to spend a couple of minutes doing the alchemy enchanting loop. Now with 33% more gold.

    uploaded 5:05, 11 Feb 2014 52,025 2,818 1kb Dragonlord Filip

  • Gold to Septims for Skyrim

    An extremely simple mod that changes the name of all the gold in Skyrim to Septim.

    uploaded 4:24, 11 Feb 2014 6,170 467 0kb ElementalParadox

  • Enhanced ENB Diagnostics for Skyrim

    For ENB preset developers, code tweakers, and enthusiasts. Shader functions for ENB that allow drawing of text as an overlay on the game screen for debug or other purposes. No more guessing at what your variable values are. For example, show the values of the _c registers, colors, etc. Use with your own variables too. Add titles to your pr

    uploaded 4:00, 11 Feb 2014 285 26 21kb scegielski

  • Zandaks Tomb for Skyrim

    Explore the tomb of Zandak, poisoner of kings, and retrieve his mighty bane.

    uploaded 3:58, 11 Feb 2014 920 51 23kb smike05

  • Breezehome X v3 for Skyrim

    Adds two rooms to Breezehome A jungle like bedroom and a Secret Meeting room for kings and queens alike. Along with a dining table with a huge feast as well as all non dlc Qasmoke chests with some modifications and all ingots weighted to 1.

    uploaded 3:32, 11 Feb 2014 244 13 27kb njd033

  • Supergirl for Skyrim

    If you know the red, yellow and blue, you will know this one too. All she is missing is the ability to fly.

    uploaded 2:50, 11 Feb 2014 8,593 417 71,228kb ReaverLord

  • Haafingar Player Home for Skyrim

    Small house for a reclusive mage/scholar located outside of Solitude.

    uploaded 2:28, 11 Feb 2014 159 14 73kb atroxletum

  • Lysandra for Skyrim

    Lysandra ist die Anf├╝hrerin einer Gruppe von Vampiren der besonderen Art und die Begr├╝nderin einer neuen Rasse. Die Gruppe um Lysandra startet mit drei Gefolgsleuten und bindet den Dovahkiin in die Geschehnisse ein. Neben der spielbaren Rasse bietet diese Mod zum den Auftakt auch schon ein paar Quests.

    uploaded 0:21, 11 Feb 2014 1,506 81 265kb 4fantasy

  • Cutest waifu NA for Skyrim

    For you guys who would like a preset to base a character on. Works for males too.

    uploaded 0:16, 11 Feb 2014 12,260 514 256kb gianama