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This mod replaces the Bloodskal Blade with a brand-new mesh and high-resolution textures.

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This mod replaces the Bloodskal Blade with a brand-new mesh and high-resolution textures.

Initially when I came across the Bloodskal Blade in the Dragonborn DLC, I thought it was pretty cool. The enchantment was awesome and it really stood out as a unique blade. The only problem was that it looked so bulky and... disproportionate.

Therefore I decided to completely recreate the sword. As you can see, the crossguard is now an actual crossguard, as opposed to an oddly shaped rock. The pommel is also smaller, and there are three ferrules on the grip. I decided to redesign the blade a little bit, so it's got some different decorations and overall, it's thinner. I also got rid of that leather thing because I wanted the blade to be fully visible.


This mod is a simple mesh and texture replacer. There is no .esp file, so it should be compatible with any mods that change the Bloodskal Blade's stats or enchantment. It will, however, overwrite mods which make changes to either the Bloodskal Blade's mesh or textures.


Installation is the standard procedure. If you don't know how to install manually, then just use NMM.


I have uploaded the UV Maps of this sword for anyone who wants to make their own textures for it (I'm admittedly not very good at texturing), and you are free to upload those textures to the Nexus if you wish. I do, however, want a link to this page in the description.

Do not upload this mod anywhere else.


1.2 - redesigned pommel, thinned blade, edited textures slightly, fixed blood mesh, added optional thin version

1.1 - increased pommel size

1.0 - initial release

Tools Used

3DS Max