Requiem - Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul Compatibility Patch by schofida
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Added: 13/02/2017 - 04:27AM
Updated: 18/03/2017 - 03:51PM

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So lately, this patch is more and more feeling like an exercise in futility and madness. But I have been doing a lot of functionality testing and have been conducting a mini play-through with my Diablo style, witch doctor type character. I have never done Alchemy, archery, or magic (conjuration) and I only have a few hours of playing Requiem period to my name (so naturally I got my ass handed to me numerous times lol) but I've been having tons of fun! Couple the 'this is fun' benchmark with the fact that a lot of my feedback lately has been more subjective changes, I would say that, while this is still a WIP, and there are probably still a few things that I missed, I would say at this point that this patch is somewhat stable. So finally we are at version 1.0 :)

I again would like to thank everyone for their invaluable bug reports, suggestions, and feedback. This patch would not be where it is without all of your assistance. There are a few more areas that I am still trying to fine tune so please let me know if you find any issues and I will try to include in the next update.

Hey all,

Firstly, first mod:)

Secondly, this is a beta, WIP patch that I have been kicking around trying to do for a while now but lately,  I find myself having less and less time to play. But, I know of at least one Reddit thread asking about a patch like this so the demand is there so I figured I would throw this up here and see if anyone would benefit from this patch. So while I put in the work, I am not using this in a play through and it's largely untested. But, if any issues come up, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix. Also let me know of any balancing issues. A core component of Requiem is balance and I wanted to make sure that the balance and difficulty Requiem is known for remains intact. I am hoping that this patch will make the Alchemy tree more versatile and fun to use, not all the sudden turn Alchemists into an unstoppable force.

What does this do?
As the name suggests, It's a compatibility patch to get Requiem and Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul to play nice with each other.


Requiem version (Requires Dawnguard)
Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul version 1.21 (Requires all DLC's and Wiseman's Flora Overhaul)

Install this mod using your favorite mod manager. See the load order below. Don't forget to run the Reqtifier before running Skyrim.

Load Order
Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp (version 1.21)
Requiem.esp (version
Requiem - Legendary Bugsmasher Edition.esp
Fozars_Dragonborn_-_Requiem_Patch.esp (not required but recommended)
...other compatibility patches....
Requiem - WM Flora Fixes.esp (not required but recommended)
Requiem - CACO.esp
Requiem for the Indifferent.esp

So as said, these 2 mods step on each other's toes a lot. So I did what I could to merge but I had to take some creative liberties.

  1. Potions - I'll admit that I've never been much of an Alchemy person so I may be leaving something out. So since the CACO leveled lists are overruling, CACO is very generous with ingredients. Therefore, the CACO potions values take some precedence as CACO potions tend to be weaker and sell for less. But you will have more potions so it should? balance out. New CACO potions have been incorporated and a small script change should keep created potions within the Requiem naming convention. Making potions without an Alchemy perk will still produce garbage and any retort recipe will require at least 'Alchemical Lore 1'. It is advised in CACO's MCM menu to set the potion rates to 10 seconds to resemble Requiem's 20 second effects.
  2. Food - I will however admit that the food in CACO is frankly a master stroke and something I'll never be able to let go of again in my playthrough. Unfortunately, the food doesn't help when you're not regenerating HP. Therefore, Requiem wins conflicting food. For any of the new CACO food, I have written a formula to convert the health/stamina/magicka regen into the Requiem nutrition flat stam/mag restore. All other bonuses stay and high nutrition values have been converted to additional bonuses so it's still a good idea to strive and make the more complex dishes. New raw foods have been converted to harm/help strong stomach races. CACO food portioning has also been merged. CACO inebriation system replaces Requiem's (sorry didn't like it). Requiem milk and water have been phased out in favor of CACO's.
  3. Perks - I merged Naturalist, Field Alchemist, Anatomist, Catalyst, and Chymist into the Requiem Alchemist perk tree. Chymist requirement has been raised to 100 and no longer requires the Purity perk. The Snakeblood consumption driving effect discovery thing overwrites the Alchemical Lore 2 effect discovery bonus. Bandages and poultices are merged into 'Improved Elixirs' (more on that later). Catalyst has been renamed to 'Vile Concoctions' (after the amazing GUISE mod) as Requiem already had a Catalyst perk. I rewrote the descriptions to make them more (uhh Requiemy?) but I am no writer and am open to suggestions.
  4. Ingredients and Leveled Lists - CACO overrules
  5. Poultices and Bandages - I never really played with these in Vanilla CACO because I always thought that they were kind of useless when you could just naturally heal anyway. However, I am hoping that in Requiem's no-heal universe, CACO's bandage system will play a bigger role. To that end, Requiem's poultices are gone and replaced with a nerfed version of the simple poultices and antiseptics from CACO. These are available without any perk investment at cooking pots. The more powerful retort standard poultices and antiseptics will require the 'Improved Elixirs' perk. This will work slightly different from Requiem's poultices as the bandages will slowly heal you indefinitely (until removed) and is uninhibited by movement or whether or not you are in combat. But they cannot be applied while in combat and they will also take up your helmet or glove slot making you less protected so I think it's a good tradeoff. (Added v0.5, poultices can now also be used to heal your horse just like the requiem healing poultice)
  6. Vampires - I've unfortunately never played as a vampire so I did not do much here. I have phased out Vampire blood potions in favor of CACO's race specific blood potions. I also phased out Requiem's blood container in favor of CACO's blood extractor. I know that CACO and Requiem both mess with vampires so please let me know if anything isn't working properly.
  7. Magic effects - I did not know completely of the ins and outs of all conflicting magic effects but I did my best to merge them together.


I personally do not give a hoot as to what you do with this patch but you obviously need CACO and Requiem in order for this to work so please respect their respective wishes.

kryptopyr for CACO
Xarrian, Ogerboss and the rest of The Requiem Dungeon Masters
Elminster AU for Tes5Edit
Matortheeternal for his amazing Tes5edit scripting tutorials and resources