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Last updated at 3:16, 28 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 14:08, 2 Sep 2013

This ENB config offers semi-realistic visuals, bright interiors ( I know it is not very realistic in a game like Skyrim :) ), not too dark nights and not to bad performance.

All my presets should be compatible with interior lighting mods, I mean: "ELEFX 2.0", "ELE", "More Dynamic Shadows with Striping Fixed" and
"Shadows 1.2". ( if you use only interior modules ).

Video from the 0.261 version, made by BlueCheese85 - thanks a lot  :)

Hodilton video :

Small update.

I've added some screenshots from my preset for NLA,  to show how it looks with several interior lighting mods. Gallery, pages 4 and 5 ( divided into night and day ).

Added preset for Natural Lighting and Atmospherics.esp v.1.4 ( great mod from Confidence Man )

Updated to v.0.262 - Download ENB v. 0.262 binary

- Upgraded Experimental NLA version to 251

- Upgraded to v.251. Updated Night Eye Fix to v 1.3. Maybe you will have to recalibrate this effect. All functions are available in the GUI.

- Minor chnges to v.250. Updated Night Eye Fix.

- New Experimental version, adopted to great Confidence Man plugin "Natural Lighting and Atmospherics.esp". Updated Night Eye fix with GUI by Scegielski.

- Added Night Eye fix. All credits goes to Scegielski - author of the Enhanced ENB Night Eye
I just awkwardly copied and pasted his code :)

- Placed an alternative, Dreamy Version in optional files, but I warn you that this is something completely different :)

For Vanilla version you need only "Revamped Exterior Fog" and perhaps "Realistic Water Two" :)

Updated v.0.236 - For Climates of Tamriel in main files, still in the beta stage

NEW v.0.236 non CoT

Installation v 0.236 :

- Download ENB v. 0.236 binary
- Extract or copy all files from WrapperVersion folder, into your Skyrim root directory.
- Download ENB helper plugin
- Copy "enbhelper.dll" to the "enbseries" folder in the Skyrim main dir.
- Unpack or copy all the files, from 0.236 mod archive, into your Skyrim root directory.
- Edit enblocal.ini, or copy my file into your Skyrim root directory, but everyone should adapt it to own hardware.

- I strongly recommend to install : Revamped Exterior Fog , to avoid blue tint, and : Sub Surface Full Body Map if you use UNP or Coverwomen bodies.

Version 0.213 is slightly different from the version 0.168. New SSAO, TIMEOFDAY and AmbientColorFilter, but i recommend to try them both.

Installation v 0.168 :

- Download ENB v. 0.168 binary
- Extract or copy d3d9.dll, from WrapperVersion folder, into your Skyrim root directory.
- Unpack or copy all the files, from 0.168 mod archive, into your Skyrim root directory.

Installation v 0.213 or v.0.221:

- Download ENB v. 0.221 binary
- Extract or copy all files, from WrapperVersion folder, into your Skyrim root directory.
- Unpack or copy all the files, from 0.213 or 0,221 mod archive, into your Skyrim root directory and overwrite existing.
- Edit enblocal.ini.

- To improve interior lighting: More Dynamic Shadows with Striping Fixed

- Water mod i'm using: Realistic Water Two

A few remarks:

- You must change these lines in SkyrimPrefs.ini


- Turn off antialiasing and anisotropic filtering in game options menu or graphic card drivers. Enb has own antialiasing and anisotropic filter.
- I turn on RemoveBlur option, you may change it.
- If you want sharpen shadows, especially in the interiors, change in SkyrimPrefs.ini, iBlurDeferredShadowMask=1
- I recommend to download Mindflux Skyrim particle patch for ENB

Please endorse, if you like it.

Sorry for my english, it's not my native language.

All credits goes to:

- Boris Vorontsov
- Opethfeldt
- Kyo
- JawZ
- gp65cj04
- ericking1992
- arsil
- Scegielski
- ZeroKing
- Midhras
- Trillville
- Insomnia
- prod80
- MTichenor/IndigoNeko
- Marty McFly
- Matso
- Miratheus
- kingeric1992