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Last updated at 8:12, 7 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 14:08, 2 Sep 2013

This ENB config offers semi-realistic visuals, bright interiors ( I know it is not very realistic in a game like Skyrim :) ), not too dark nights and not to bad performance.

All my presets should be compatible with interior lighting mods, I mean: "ELEFX 2.0", "ELE", "More Dynamic Shadows with Striping Fixed" and
"Shadows 1.2". ( if you use only interior modules ).

Video from the 0.261 version, made by BlueCheese85 - thanks a lot  :)

Hodilton video :

Version for ENB 0.264 - Download ENB v. 0.264 binary.

If default version is for you too colorful, turn on Vibrance ( works vice versa, makes colors similar to the Skyrim defaults ), in the shaders panel, effect.txt.

I've added some screenshots from my preset for NLA,  to show how it looks with several interior lighting mods. Gallery, pages 4 and 5 ( divided into night and day ).

Added preset for Natural Lighting and Atmospherics.esp v.1.4 ( great mod from Confidence Man )

Updated to v.0.262 - Download ENB v. 0.262 binary

- Upgraded Experimental NLA version to 251

- Upgraded to v.251. Updated Night Eye Fix to v 1.3. Maybe you will have to recalibrate this effect. All functions are available in the GUI.

- Minor chnges to v.250. Updated Night Eye Fix.

- New Experimental version, adopted to great Confidence Man plugin "Natural Lighting and Atmospherics.esp". Updated Night Eye fix with GUI by Scegielski.

- Added Night Eye fix. All credits goes to Scegielski - author of the Enhanced ENB Night Eye
I just awkwardly copied and pasted his code :)

- Placed an alternative, Dreamy Version in optional files, but I warn you that this is something completely different :)

For Vanilla version you need only "Revamped Exterior Fog" and perhaps "Realistic Water Two" :)

Updated v.0.236 - For Climates of Tamriel in main files, still in the beta stage

NEW v.0.236 non CoT

Installation v 0.236 :

- Download ENB v. 0.236 binary
- Extract or copy all files from WrapperVersion folder, into your Skyrim root directory.
- Download ENB helper plugin
- Copy "enbhelper.dll" to the "enbseries" folder in the Skyrim main dir.
- Unpack or copy all the files, from 0.236 mod archive, into your Skyrim root directory.
- Edit enblocal.ini, or copy my file into your Skyrim root directory, but everyone should adapt it to own hardware.

- I strongly recommend to install : Revamped Exterior Fog , to avoid blue tint, and : Sub Surface Full Body Map if you use UNP or Coverwomen bodies.

Version 0.213 is slightly different from the version 0.168. New SSAO, TIMEOFDAY and AmbientColorFilter, but i recommend to try them both.

Installation v 0.168 :

- Download ENB v. 0.168 binary
- Extract or copy d3d9.dll, from WrapperVersion folder, into your Skyrim root directory.
- Unpack or copy all the files, from 0.168 mod archive, into your Skyrim root directory.

Installation v 0.213 or v.0.221:

- Download ENB v. 0.221 binary
- Extract or copy all files, from WrapperVersion folder, into your Skyrim root directory.
- Unpack or copy all the files, from 0.213 or 0,221 mod archive, into your Skyrim root directory and overwrite existing.
- Edit enblocal.ini.

- To improve interior lighting: More Dynamic Shadows with Striping Fixed

- Water mod i'm using: Realistic Water Two

A few remarks:

- You must change these lines in SkyrimPrefs.ini


- Turn off antialiasing and anisotropic filtering in game options menu or graphic card drivers. Enb has own antialiasing and anisotropic filter.
- I turn on RemoveBlur option, you may change it.
- If you want sharpen shadows, especially in the interiors, change in SkyrimPrefs.ini, iBlurDeferredShadowMask=1
- I recommend to download [url=] Mindflux Skyrim particle patch for ENB

Please endorse, if you like it.

Sorry for my english, it's not my native language.

All credits goes to:

- Boris Vorontsov
- Opethfeldt
- Kyo
- JawZ
- gp65cj04
- ericking1992
- arsil
- Scegielski
- ZeroKing
- Midhras
- Trillville
- Insomnia
- prod80
- MTichenor/IndigoNeko
- Marty McFly
- Matso
- Miratheus
- kingeric1992