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This replacer givers a new look for Serana, of a younger age. Probably 18-20.

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■ Announcement ■
Hello everyone, thanks for your patience and support!
Now I and my team proudly release the replacer version for Maiden Serana.

Two main versions:
Younger ver. - human version with round, pinkish, watery eyes [imagine young Serana before her transformation into a vampire]
Youth ver. - vampire eyes & fangs [stay true to the canon, Serana is a vampire now - but with very cute fangs and pinkish, glowing eyes!]

Read instructions below please!  

■ Credits ■
& taoxue - two outstanding modders who cooperate with me to create the esp version.

uses her self-made pinkish glowing vampire eyes in the youth version, which is awesome-looking, I give you that. She probably will create a Valerica replacer in the future. If interested, click into her site to endorse and support her :) 

taoxue is generous and she decides to create two versions for the younger Serana. She is currently working on a Chinese-voiced follower, whose appearance is inspired by herself. If interested, click into her site to endorse and support her :) 

ShmooZ - an advanced modder who gives me many suggestions on refining the appearance

EvilTwinz - who introduced Kittyness to me and is very supportive of my project

Everyone commenting on, endorsing the project - Thank you. You are my source of power!

■ Alterations in the replacer ESP  ■

Kittyness' Youth version Serana replacer changes Serana's look and also some of her traits:

health majicka and stamina 500, Speed 165, Combat Mainly Melee and Ranged.
(She uses her bow more than anything else).
Weapons: Auriels Bow enhanced. dagger
class: spellsword
compatable with Blood Thirst Mod

■ Overview ■

Maiden Serana gives new appearances for Serana of a younger age, probably 18-20. 

■ Instructions For esp replacers ■

You need Dawnguard to include Serana in your game.
The replacer only changes Serana's look, nothing else.
It is STAND-ALONE - you don't need pre-installations. Yay!!

Step 1. Download the replacer versions you like  (that's why I delete the NMM download option - you may want to choose your desired version)
Step 2. Add the zipped file to your NMM or MO, and activate it. Click "yes to all" if a window jumps out.
Step 3. Find Serana in your game and appreciate her! Enjoy your time.

■ Instructions For CME save presets ■

How you use the preset save:

Warning: It's a CME save preset for your own character, not a replacer for Serana.
It doesn't replace your Serana's appearance. 

Step 1. Pre-installations

The Basics: 

- SkyUI

And then the magic:

- CBBE  [body]
- Fair Skin Complexion  [skin texture]
- KS Hair pack renew  [hairstyle]

- ECE  [editing system]
- ECEE  [enhance editing system]
ATTENTION: install ECE first, and then ECEE. Use the latter to cover the former, "yes to all".

Warning: If you use Race Menu, you need to unplug it and install ECE+ECEE instead.
You may lose your looks created based on Race Menu, so keep in mind that you back-up your Race Menu save in advance.

- Rudy ENB [ENB preset] (optional, feel free to use your own )

Step 2. How to load the CME_save

1. Download the file manually.
2. Unzip it, throw it in  file: documents/my games/skyrim/CME_save  (this is a folder that will appear when you have installed ECE)
Warning:it will overwrite your slot 1 character. Please save your character on slot on.1, if any, in advance.
3. Launch game via SKSE.
4. Find the save under Nord race, slot  loading, slot 1.
5. The hairstyle may not be correct. You need to find it by yourself. The hairstyle name is "soundwaves". Its number is... let me check. 


Thanks for your hospitality, but I am not a "man", "mate" or "dude", I'm a girl, a lady, a dudette~ ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ
Also, I speak English & Chinese. 欢迎用中文跟我交流哦23333 
I started playing Skyrim in 2013. But my modding skills are still limited to game-playing... >~< 
My skyrim hobbies include photography, character appearance editing, story & background exploration. I write skyrim fanfics in Chinese.
I guess I will bring you more NPC replacers in the future.
I like Ingun Black-Briar, Vex, and almost everyone in the thieves guild and Riften. I will probably start from them :)