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Thank you all for your support!
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I'm also working on:
Awake: The Rise of Mannimarco

- This mod adds FULLY VOICED responses for many of the voice types that lacked follower dialogue.
- You can check MFVMs progress below, voices highlighted in green are finished.
- There are currently no plans to make other voices -marriage- capable.
- Updates with new voices are slow but ongoing.
- Best combined with Almost Everyone is An Adventurer by transientfaith
- Also works great with Familiar Faces by Verteiron
- Mod authors are welcome to use MFVM to help create new mods. (See below)
- Thank you for your endorsements guys! You're all awesome.

- Expands almost all Skyrim voices to have voiced follower dialogue.
- Expands Khajiit voices to have voiced marriage dialogue.
- 100% Lore-friendly, no NPC's have been edited to be followers.
- Comes with Demo NPC followers that can be spawned by the player.
- 100% Compatible with all -popular- follower mods, FCO, & Hearthfire & Familiar Faces

- Ideally followers have personality and (vanilla assets allowing) locational comments like normal hirelings and followers do.
- Some voice types may be added to the list, and some may be removed. This is all dependent on if it's even possible to make them passable followers within the constrains of their assets.)

FemaleArgonian - Completed
FemaleChild - Completed
FemaleCommoner - Completed
FemaleCoward - In Progress
FemaleElfHaughty - Completed
FemaleKhajiit - Completed
FemaleNord - Completed
FemaleOldGrumpy - In Progress
FemaleOldKindly - In Progress
FemaleShrill - In Progress

MaleBandit - Completed
MaleChild - Completed
MaleCommander - In Progress
MaleCommoner - Completed
MaleCommonerAccented - In Progress
MaleCondescending - In Progress
MaleCoward - In Progress
MaleElfHaughty - Completed
MaleForsworn - Completed
MaleGuard - Completed
MaleNordCommander - Completed
MaleOldGrumpy - In Progress
MaleOldKIndly - In Progress
MaleSlyCynical - In Progress
MaleSoldier - Completed

MaleUniqueGhost - In Progress
MaleWarlock - In Progress
DLC1MaleVampire - In Progress
DLC1FemaleVampire - In Progress
DLC2MaleDarkElfCynical - In Progress
DLC2MaleDarkElfCommoner - In Progress
DLC2FemaleDarkElfCommoner - In Progress

- Unique NPC's with their own custom voices will be available in a separate patch to maximize compatibility. Unless I can make a fancy MCM menu.

FemaleUniqueAstrid - Not Started
FemaleUniqueDelphine - Not Started
FemaleUniqueElenwen - Not Started
FemaleUniqueKarliah - Not Started
FemaleUniqueVex - Not Started

MaleUniqueBrynjolf - Not Started
MaleUniqueDelvinMallory - Not Started
MaleUniqueGalmar - Not Started
MaleUniqueNazir - Not Started
MaleUniqueSheogorath - Not Started
MaleUniqueHadvar - In Progress

MFVM does most of the work for you! All you have to do when making your mod is to select the voice you want.
Remember, if you are customizing your custom NPC further, make sure your custom remarks, idle chatter, etc have the appropriate conditions to be NPC specific. Once uploaded, list MFVM as a requirement in order for your mod to function as intended. (similar to how mod authors declare dependency on SkyUI for their mods having MCM menus)

- MFVM makes it possible to easily make follower mods with a different voice types!
- All you have to do is change the NPC's voicetype to any completed follower voicetype, my mod does the rest.
- Check out the list below of mods that use MFVM.
- You are more then welcome to make a translation version. (please let me know)

Talkative Khajiit Spouses by mistress miaura
Thieves Guild Followers - Sapphire Rune Vipir Thrynn Garthar Ravyn and Etienne by kryptopyr
Sita the Khajiit Ranger by AceRoller
MaDashe Khajiit child Follower by Rafaeltheliar
Female khajiit with proper voice follower Kopat Gat by Garuger
Child Follower Liette by Shinkoku
Female Argonian with proper voice follower Dluz Cra by Garuger
Female Nord with proper voice follower Adamine by Garuger
Male Imperial with proper voice follower Zoticus by Garuger
Desteros Follower Zylvina MFVM EDITION by Destero
Desteros Follower Sii 'thari MFVM EDITION by Destero
The Three Stewards by Jayer117
MorrowindVampireClansReturned by Letrarunt
Lets be friends - Make any NPC your follower by nick10840
Marry Me - Allow marriage with any NPC by nick10840
Khajiit Follower Kahlee by ArmedKevin117
Children Overhaul-voiced fighting followers -with armor- pickpocketable-killable-lootable by cotoli
Faera - Fire Breathing Follower by Randy 355
Thalmor Justiciar Ondolemar - Now Follower by Jokerine
Jen'Ra the spellsword by SmexxxxyJeans
Khajiit Follower - Spouse Companion Pair by NomadicAI7
Auxiliary Cyrus-Imperial Legion Follower by Sparky210
Beast Race Followers by El Destructo
Handsome Thalmor Ondolemar -- Follower Options (3 Versions) by TheMadHarridan
Tsiya Rokar by MTesh Bluke
Bluke by MTesh Bluke
Redguard Follower Set by mdfeelgood

- If you're going to make a mod use/be dependent on MFVM in any way please provide me a link to your mod and I'll list it here.

- Some translations may be available in the files section, others are off site.
Chinese Translation by rebya

- MFVM expands voice types to be follower eligible but does not edit any in game NPCs. If you want a particular NPC to follow you or marry you and you don't use a mod for that then you will need to use the console and either use BAT Files (provided in the optional files section) or write out the commands by hand.

Big thanks to Siannah for the videos. :)

1. Find the NPC you want to make a follower/marry. Open console with the tilde key. Click on the NPC. The NPC's ID will pop up when you click them, take note of the ID, you'll be using it later when you are setting relationship via console command.

If you want to marry the NPC type in: addfac 19809 1
If you want to make the NPC a follower type in: addfac 5C84D 1

2. In order for the follow/marriage choice to appear, the NPC has to like you. To do this, you need to set the NPC's relationship level. To set the relationship between you and the follower correctly, you need to type in BOTH OF the following lines into the console.

Setrelationshiprank "NPC ID HERE" 4
Player.setrelationshiprank "NPC ID HERE" 4

3. For certain NPCs, the marriage/follow options will not appear until you reset the NPCs dialogue options, to do so, type the following lines into the console.


4. If you just want to marry an NPC, you're done after the last step, the 4th step only pertains to people who are making NPCs followers. Inorder for some followers to fight enemies and instead of running around like idiots, you need to set their confidence level. To do this, open the console, click the NPC, and type the following lines into the console.

setav aggression 1
setav confidence 3

5. The last step you have to do is set your follower to essential, in order to do this you need to use the NPCs ID Number. To figure out the ID number you need to type the following into the console.

Help "NPCs Name" 4

This will give you the ID, along with a lot of other random data about the NPC, take the code you find and type in the line below.

setessential "The ID you found" 1

6. You might find your new follower weak, and that's because your new follower does not level with you. Chances are they are a very low level and will die very quickly to anything that attacks them. The easiest way to remedy this is to open the console, click your follower and type.

setlevel "Insert level here"

After you complete step six, you're done.
Text courtesy of DWCastles over at GameFAQs

- Demo NPC's can only be accessed by the console so they must be spawned by the player. If the voice type has marriage dialogue then I made the NPC eligible for marriage.

FemaleArgonian - Shatanei | Argonain | Combatstyle: Assassin
FemaleChild - Kaddila | Nord | Combatstyle: Assassin
FemaleChild - Sharli | Redguard | Combatstyle: Mage
FemaleCommoner - Ana | Nord | Combatstyle: Ranger
FemaleCoward - Ulltei | Nord | Combatstyle: Ranger
FemaleElfHaughty - Virani | Nord | Combatstyle: Nightblade
FemaleKhajiit - Khabizi | Khajiit | Combatstyle: Nightblade
FemaleNord - Jyta | Nord | Combatstyle: Nightblade
FemaleOldGrumpy - Ursine | Nord | Combatstyle: Ranger
FemaleOldKindly - Hjorta | Nord | Combatstyle: Mage
FemaleShrill - Siri | Nord | Combatstyle: Rogue
FemaleSoldier - Runa | Imperial | Combatstyle: 2-handed Warrior

MaleBandit - Zedrick | Imperial | Combatstyle: Rogue
MaleChild - Alexander | Nord | Combatstyle: Mage
MaleChild - Torlin | Redguard | Combatstyle: Ranger
MaleKhajiit - Ji'zandi | Khajiit | Combatstyle: 2-handed Warrior
MaleKhajiit - Ja'zaddir | Khajiit | Combatstyle: Ranger
MaleCommander - Vontus | Imperial | Combatstyle: 2-handed Warrior
MaleCommoner - Verick | Breton | Combatstyle: Ranger
MaleCommonerAccented - Cyrus | Imperial | Combatstyle: Ranger
MaleCondescending - Astien | Brenton | Combatstyle: Assassin
MaleCoward - Bodan | Redguard | Combatstyle: Thief
MaleElfHaughty - Solias | Highelf | Combatstyle: Mage
MaleForsworn - Alix | Brenton | Combatstyle: Nightblade
MaleGuard - Mojan | Nord | Combatstyle: Ranger
MaleNordCommander - Kjorn | Nord | Combatstyle: 2-handed Warrior
MaleOldGrumpy - Erald | Nord | Combatstyle: Ranger
MaleOldKIndly - Torbik | Nord | Combatstyle: Ranger
MaleSlyCynical - Xander | Imperial | Combatstyle: Rogue
MaleSoldier - Fenris | WoodElf | Combatstyle: Ranger

- Voice File Reference Tool by greentea101
- BSAopt - Bethesda Archive Management and Optimization by Ethatron
- TES5Edit by ElminsterAU. Updated for Skyrim by Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran.
- Making a Unique-Voiced Follower in Skyrim - Deck16
- Modder Reference for Follower Voices - duinnin
- Big thanks to: kryptopyr, mrjentipede, Ghostifish, kuertee, semiramisu, Tellur123, Siannah, and watersmoon110

If you like MFVM check out Follower Commentary Overhaul - FCO by terzaerian