• Stormrider for Morrowind

    Looking for a ship of your own, but don't want to do the Fishing Academy
    quests? Would rather have a standard ship with seperate cabin and below decks
    instead of the Sellnsail galleon? Well I did, so now you can too!

    This mod incorporates my own modified version of the boat and ship scripts
    from Fishing Academy 2.53. It is the equivilant

    uploaded 14:21, 8 Aug 2006 471 18 196kb bjam

  • Moonshadow Temple for Morrowind

    Adds a beautiful Ivory city named "Moonshadow Temple" to the Morrowind world. There, you will find six (unfurnished) houses of varying sizes. Also, you will find a shop, owned and operated by the lovely Sunsi, who will sell you Ivory furniture to decorate the house of your dreams. Be sure to bring plenty of gold!

    Theres a fellow on the doc

    uploaded 14:10, 8 Aug 2006 835 26 16,103kb bjam

  • Tougher Sixth House for Morrowind

    his mod modifies the Dwemer strongholds of Venymal and Odrosal
    to be much more difficult. Finding Kragrenac's tools is no longer easy!
    A dwemer ruin dungeon generator was used to create the new areas -
    9 new cells for each dwemer ruin. All of them are interconnected and make a
    true dungeon maze worthy of the Nerevarine. Originally I wanted

    uploaded 13:54, 8 Aug 2006 165 9 34kb bjam

  • SimManor Alpha for Morrowind

    This mod actually stems from various minor points of disatisifaction that I had while playing Morrowind. At various times I wished that arrows weighed a little less, or that the various armor types were more balanced, etc. I would make special mini-mods to adjust the game to my taste, but that always felt a little bit like cheating. What I really w

    uploaded 13:39, 8 Aug 2006 123 1 1,962kb bjam

  • Weapon Length Fix for Morrowind

    This mod fixes the length issue of the weapons in morrowind. In the original game file the one handed long blades are the same length as the two handed long baldes and the spears, I changed that.

    axeonehanded = 1.00
    axetwoclose = 1.20
    bluntonehand = 1.00
    blunttwoclose = 1.50
    blunttwowide = 1.50 or 1.80
    longbladeonehand = 1.00

    uploaded 13:28, 8 Aug 2006 1,215 47 10kb bjam

  • Jdoobys Robes patch 11 for Morrowind

    Jdooby's Robes patch 1.1

    uploaded 13:22, 8 Aug 2006 292 7 222kb bjam

  • Doom Door for Morrowind

    What is the secret behind the mysterious Doom Door and who is the equally mysterious Telvanni Mage so intimately
    connected with it? Meant for Level 20, or higher, characters, this mod will take you on an adventure to a new
    Drow City on Vvardenfell and through dungeons, mystical islands and a full-scale "military style" battle in which

    uploaded 11:06, 8 Aug 2006 617 13 20,807kb bjam

  • The Night Gallery for Morrowind

    This plugin adds a small shop just outside Caldera catering to those with darker tastes. Available for purchase are tapestries, rugs, beds and other knicknacks, a selection of clothing, some specialty enchanted furniture and miniature mannequins for displaying armor or clothing. The proprietors and their partner also won't be bothered at all if

    uploaded 11:06, 8 Aug 2006 998 45 19,194kb bjam

  • Jdoobys robes for Morrowind

    Adds somewhere between 25-30 retextured robes to random Morrowind clothiers. Some come in hooded and un-hooded versions. I think they are balanced pretty fairly. They don't come with enchantments, but some have enchantment values as high as the orginal extravagant robes. Of course they cost more than the others. Includes heavily borrowed texture

    uploaded 10:50, 8 Aug 2006 1,065 34 4,026kb bjam

  • Service Requirements for Morrowind

    I didn't like how gaining rank in a faction was meaningless and that
    people who were not members of a faction could obtain the same services
    as a member. so, now your rank and membership affects what services you
    can use.

    So with this mod You need to be of sufficient rank in order to obtain different services.
    For example now you have t

    uploaded 10:46, 8 Aug 2006 520 18 33kb bjam

  • Hunting Mod for Morrowind

    This mod adds a new island to the east of Sadrith Mora with a beautiful landscape and a wide variety of creatures for you to hunt. Some are docile and others aren't. Includes original creatures from Morrowind and also some of the new ones introduced in the various creature mods out there. Also includes a couple of reskinned creatures of my own=

    uploaded 10:42, 8 Aug 2006 416 6 3,731kb bjam

  • MCA Vampire Head Replacer for Morrowind

    The MCA - Vampire Head Replacer, eh, replaces the standard Morrowind vampire heads with those included in Morrowind Comes Alive v5.0.

    It requires Morrowind Comes Alive version 5.0.

    uploaded 1:23, 8 Aug 2006 1,108 42 27kb newcode12