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Redecorates the Vacant Tower in Dagon Fel and moves Khargol gro-Boguk to Ghorak Manor in Caldera.

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If you, like me, love the idea of living in a Dwemer ruin, you probably were excited about the Vacant Tower... and then you found out that it wasn't quite as vacant as the title would lead to to believe. Sure, you could kill Khargol gro-Boguk, but he's the master trainer for Unarmored as well as the highest trainer in the game for Medium Armor, and if you're not roleplaying as a murder-hobo then it's kind of unimmersive.

This is a small plugin that relocates Khargol gro-Boguk to Ghorak Manor in Caldera. He fits right in among his fellow shirtless Orsimer, and like them, he won't put up a fuss if you steal things from the manor. In addition, I've made some minor changes to the "Dagon Fel, Vacant Tower" interior cell, such as un-flipping a table and adding some options for decoration and storage.

Future features I'm working on:
  • A small quest to find the previous inhabitant (optional new .esp)
  • Some unique Dwemer loot
  • New encounters downstairs (maybe 1 strong monster that doesn't respawn) + a creature-free version
Disclaimer: This is my first mod, and although I have done my best to make sure this mod is clean and unobtrusive, I can't guarantee its compatibility with anything else.