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Wyrmhaven is a tiny island far to the west of Solstheim, claimed at various times by a clan of Chimer fleeing the wars with the Dwarves, a fire-breathing dragon, a band of Nordic exiles, the Breton Kingdom of Farrun, and the Septim Empire. The closing years of the Third Era see a rich trading port run by a corrupt Imperial Governor, who uses the North Empire Company as a front for smuggling contraband throughout the northern provinces. With the Wyrmhaven Imperial Legion firmly in the Governor's pocket, pirates and smugglers operate with impunity, and only the embattled Order of Kynareth preserve any semblance of law and order. Will you take the oath and earn your place among the Knights of Kynareth, joining their battle against injustice and corruption?

To travel to Wyrmhaven, talk to Gilfanon on the ship south of Hla Oad.


A new landmass covering roughly 5 x 5 cells.
A large Imperial-style port town with 60+ interiors, including a purchaseable home.
A new faction, the Order of Kynareth, with 26 quests.
250+ NPCs.
20+ new creatures.
A ton of new meshes, furniture, tilesets, misc items, animations, etc.
Also includes a separate esp file to generate grass with the Morrowind Graphics Extender (requires Vurt's grass meshes).

Does NOT conflict with any other landmass mods, ie Tamriel Rebuilt, SHotN, etc


- Shifted the troll for the troll heart quest so he doesn't get stuck on the trees/rocks.
- Moved Sir Edgar into a corner so he doesn't get in the way.
- Added a few new goblin variants.
- Fixed the rotation on the Phyrinxian Grimoire mesh.
- The Cure Lycanthropy potion mesh is no longer massive.
- Some quest-specific rumours will now come up when you are doing the quest.
- Fixed a ton of grammatical errors in the dialogue.
- Replaced the Imperial floor tile textures so they are less bright.
- Changed the Gas Arrow mesh to one based on the Glass Arrow, instead of the Iron Arrow.
- Added two new Mummy variants, borrowed from The Undead v5.0. Also increased the Mummies' weakness to fire from 50% to 100%.
- Replaced the Boring Beetle mesh with a better one.
- Set Sir Uldor to Corpse Persists so you don't break his quest if you enter Chimeranyon too early.
- Sir Uldor's temporary coffin now disappears correctly after his tomb is built.
- Reduced the value of Legatus Appius' claymore.
- Replaced the North Empire Company guards' ebony weapons with silver ones.
- Replaced the ugly black cloak that appears in the final quest with a nicer looking brown one.
- Fixed some issues with the Black Knight's cuirass mesh.
- Manfred is now slightly easier to find.
- Manfred will no longer give you the North Empire Company ledger before the 24 hour waiting period has elapsed.
- Tweaked the script on the interior window lights so they will only glow when the sun is actually shining outside.
- Eriol will no longer rat out the possible murderers, since he's sitting in between two of them.
- Made some minor changes to the port area to improve fps, including removing the Dunmer shipwreck. Two Dunmer ships is enough for what's supposed to be a Breton port.
- Fixed an instance where the market stalls would show items for sale while the shopkeepers were disabled if the weather was foggy.
- Retextured a few buildings in the town, including the Governor's Manor and the tavern.
- Replaced the Mudcrabs along the shoreline with Sand Crabs, which are smaller and have a different texture.
- Replaced some of the Frost Atronachs in the Temple of the Grinding Ice with Ice Golems from my Golems mod.
- Fixed a bug where you could steal back the fake skooma after you had planted it in the crates, but still finish the quest.
- Prisoners will no longer donate alms for the poor.
- Changed the knights' tabards to the versions used in MCA v8.0.
- Removed some floating and underwater grass in the add-on for MGE.
- Numerous other tweaks and fixes that aren't important enough to list.


- Added the missing troll sounds.
- Fixed the missing spider texture.
- Manfred will now give you some Fortify Marksman potions so you can still use the gas arrows if your skill is low.
- Fixed a heap of scripting errors that abot kindly pointed out to me.
- Fixed the "Not able to find Wrist part in _WYRM_a_black_wrist" error message.
- Fixed the new tree meshes so they don't glow in the dark (thanks abot).
- Alboin will now sell you Eadric's Tower.
- Corrected the material property of the church tower interior mesh so it properly reacts to light sources.
- Fixed some typos.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version and have already started the quest line, use the patch instead of the full version or it will break your game. And make sure you re-generate your statics if you are using MGE.